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With soccer being the world’s game, it is always inevitable that we see our favorite sport collide with other major institutions.  Search the internet long enough, and you’re bound to find a connection between some of your favorite entertainment behemoths and soccer.  Luckily, for us, a designer over in England named Martin Turner has created one of these collaborations to appeal to the inner kid in all of us.

Pixar’s biggest characters now have a full outfit to call their own.

First up is the iconic look and stylings of Buzz Lightyear in Lightyear FC.  An homage to the gas station we see in Toy Story as the kit’s sponsor, we have no doubt that this club’s motto is “To Infinity and Beyond!”  As a fan of quality commentary, we could only hope that, in a moment right after a player is found guilty of ‘simulation,’ a commentator would say “That wasn’t diving!  That was falling…with style!”


Next, we get a good look at everybody’s favorite cowboy Woody standing with Sheriff United FC.  Pixar’s legendary pizza franchise adorns the cow-print kit as the sponsor (can someone PLEASE open up a chain of Pizza Planet restaurants?), with sky blue shorts, and socks made to look like Woody’s boots.  Personally, this is my least favorite of the entire collection, but the connection to Woody is perfect and, somehow, Turner has made the cow print on the top actually work.


Heading to a more modern (yet, still, definitely a classic) Pixar film, we see Nemo from Finding Nemo getting their club in the form of Dropoff United.  Any fan of the film will immediately recognize the sponsor (East Australia Current Ltd.), and we feel like this one is totally “RIGHTEOUS! RIGHTEOUS!”  I really like the simplistic crest on this kit, but I feel like it isn’t quite orange enough to truly link to the clown fish.  Still, would we wear this?  Absolutely…


For the last kit of Turner’s collection, the star of her own upcoming film in Finding Dory, Dory, also gets a kit.  The pick of the bunch, for us, is a gorgeous homage to the forgetful fish.  The perfect crest and club name for a kit built for Dory?  Forgotten Albion…and the crest features a totally blank circle…perfect.  Bob’s Fish Mart (the spot where the dentist in Finding Nemo bought most of his fish) dons the kit as the sponsor, and we could totally see Chelsea wearing this kit next season.


We definitely hope that Martin provides us with more creations in this same vein, and we will definitely bring them to you.  Could we put in a request for some of our favorites?  The Big Green?  Heavyweights?  Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  

What are your thoughts?  Which kit is your favorite?



About the author: Andrew McCole


If I may be so bold to condense my immense personality into two words, it would be: soccer nerd. I love everything about the beautiful game and I tend to reflect that in my writing. I suffer through Liverpool fandom and hope that they will win another title before my wife spreads my ashes at Anfield (considering I'm in my twenties, it seems somewhat likely). Although I also dabble in tennis, teaching, and coaching, most of my free-time is spent writing articles for The Center Circle! Feel free to stalk me on Google+


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