Each season different players will rise to the occasion and provide a real bump to their team’s chances. This list is not a measure of talent, as much as it is a list of the most impactful players this season. Season results, combined with “what have you done for me lately”, are just a couple of the factors taken into account on our Player Power Rankings

1. Jamie Vardy

Will Vardy fail to score in a Premier League game ever again? It is starting to look that way after breaking the consecutive game record over the weekend. 11 matches in a row with a goal is impressive in any league, but the fact that he has Leicester City on top of the table is a testament to the work that Vardy has put in.

2. Neymar

Two goals and an assist is a great day at the office, with Neymar continuing to drive Barcelona forward. The Brazilian has been the best player in La Liga this season, leading plenty of statistical categories, like chances created. The young Brazilian is part of the most fearsome trio that world football has to offer, and right now, he is leading the charge.

3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The Gabon product has been an absolute rock for Dortmund this season. He has scored in 15 of the 18 matches he has played this season, with 2 more coming over the weekend. With the turnover and injuries, being a constant producer sometimes goes overlooked, but not here! Aubameyang is getting his credit today!

4. Fabian Johnson

Talk about redemption. Just a few weeks after getting called out by his international manager for allegedly faking an injury, Johnson is in sublime form. He came back the very next international window and started both World Cup qualifiers, and has been a lightning rod for Borussia Mochengladbach, scoring 3 times in the past 2 games. Johnson can be a great talent when healthy, and it is showing right now.

5. Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid forward has been under fire quite a bit from Los Blancos fans, but he did his part over the weekend, scoring a pretty goal. He has been off this list for awhile, but has jumped back due to a low scoring weekend. Bale has stood up to the pressure of Real Madrid, meshing well with a certain superstar.

6. James Milner

When Liverpool got a penalty in the 2nd half this weekend, it was the grizzled veteran newcomer who stepped up to the spot. Milner buried the penalty and helped the Reds defend their 1-0 lead that eventually became the final scoreline. Milner has been a great presence as Jordan Henderson has been out with injury.

7. Hugo Lloris

Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris

The Tottenham keeper has stuck with the Spurs despite offers to jump to a bigger clubs. His play has kept Tottenham within striking distance of the top spot in the Premier League, and a legitimate Top 4 contender. He posted another clean sheet against Chelsea over the weekend, doing his part in a 0-0 tie. If Spurs make the Top 4, it will be in large part due to Lloris in goal.

8. Mario Mandzukic

It has been a little while since he has been in the headlines, but Mandzukic is finally settling in at Juventus. The striker scored a goal against Palermo, working well with fellow new addition Paulo Dybala. The Croatian has plenty of big time experience, and will look to use that as Juventus attempt to repeat as Serie A champions.

9. Dan Kennedy

Sure, the Portland Timbers keeper let in a couple goals in the second leg, but by keeping a couple more out, he helped the Timbers secure their place in the MLS Cup final. FC Dallas had unrelenting pressure and attacking, but the Timbers stood strong, with Kennedy between the pipes.

10. Lionel Messi

The Magician is back, and as good as ever. Still recovering, Messi is continuing to score goals on the pitch. He is also the heavy favorite for the Ballon d’Or, which would be his 5th time winning the award. Either way, the 28-year-old is still one of the best players on the planet.


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