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 The College Program banner Student Athletes  are Back to School  Are you Destined to Play at the next level? Let’s Check your Progress Senior

By this time you have a pretty good idea of your top schools. If you plan on playing a sport I am sure you have contacted the coaches of those schools. Stay diligent. No time to coast.


Juniors We are heading into your most important year of high school (recruiting-wise, anyway).  One thing that you can anticipate needing as an athlete is a well-written email and one, two, or three recommendations.  In addition to this you will need a personal profile as well as a video showcasing your athletic ability.
Sophomores It is time to start identifying schools that fit your profile. (College Game Report)It is also the time to start thinking about SAT and ACT testing. The goal is to take your first SAT and/or ACT test by the end of your sophomore year.“Off The Field”Keep up with those grades“On The Field”Practice as if your #1 choice college coach is watching because he or she could be


FreshmenIt all starts freshman year. Every grade counts and we all know grades will open the door to your favorite school which will open the door to the athletic program.Doing the best on and off the field is all that is asked.Are you doing what is necessary to play at the next level?Have a question or concern? We can help.JUST ASK ME…



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