PSG Bid for Januzaj Makes Little Sense

Januzaj for Man United

In world football, the transfer market is becoming a model of random bidding and moves that seem to be made to simply raise the eyebrow of the club’s fan-base. Occasionally, a move will take shape over a period of time and a club will seem to make an intelligent move with a calculated risk, but those moves have started to seem more like the exception than the rule. As if to solidify this transfer model, news has recently been made public that the French giants PSG have made a bid for Manchester United starlet Adnan Januzaj…but why?

A club the size of PSG and the influx of money will mean that they will eventually want to start investing a talented youth so that their success will last long after Ibrahimovich, Alex, and Lavezzi have hung up their boots or moved on. This is a model that Manchester City have recently started to follow and it seems that other big spending clubs will inevitably start copying the Citizen’s methods. A model that has obviously worked in Barcelona to help them maintain years at the top, and there is no doubt that a truly great club will need to be successful with their starting 11 and with the future stars of their club in the youth ranks.

With that being said, Januzaj has only made 21 starts for a club that currently sit in a position where a Europa League spot seems like their most likely reward for this campaign. Although he has seemed like a player that could truly turn into something special, PSG are already two to three players deep across the pitch with the ability to wrangle any top-tier player from any club in the world (if the price is right). Considering that Manchester United will currently view Januzaj’s possible potential and the recent Mata transfer as the future press campaign to stave off fan revolt should the season continue to turn sour, it seems unlikely that the club will get rid of the Belgian youngster. Pay attention the next time a club falls short and retains a manager and you will see every staff member of the club and any press releases making sure to focus on any and all positives from the previous campaign…just watch…

Because of all of this, PSG would have to overpay and promise Januzaj more than he is worth. Have you seen how small Januzaj is? He looks like a stiff challenge from any big European defender would render him useless for several months, and you think PSG would splash the cash for this? There is a reason why the overpriced bids do not flow in for players that make a quick impact and then are gone. Did the ridiculous bids flow in for Ox when he started to show promise in his first few starts for Arsenal? Perhaps…but there is a reason that he is still developing with Arsenal. Football does not hold praise or success for players capable of a short burst of decent performances and Januzaj has not proven that he is anything more than a flash in the pan.

Seriously PSG…what are you doing?


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