Although my recent thoughts on Los Blancos were that they have enough talent in place and that they should actually simplify instead of adding new blood, Real seem unlikely to heed the advice of some random American. Instead, the summer where teams like Monaco should be dominating the transfer headlines, the queue to get into Real Madrid seems to grow every single day that we get closer to the 2013/14 season. Although there is not enough money in Madrid to make every rumor become an actuality, the names being linked with Los Blancos could definitely turn the Madristas into a legendary powerhouse.

Real_MadridThough Tottenham winger Gareth Bale has been on the rumor train to Madrid for months, now speculation has grown to include a plethora of players that will not be cheap. Luis Suarez, the main goal threat for Liverpool and a major part in their plans to return to prominence, is now being linked with a move to the Bernabeau. Although no one can doubt the skill of the Uruguayan, Suarez is a commodity that Madrid should be avoiding instead of researching. They just got rid of a major bag of drama with the exit of Jose Mourinho and Suarez would be bringing some seriously hefty baggage. Factor in his importance to Liverpool, and Madrid will have to drop some serious cash in order to make Liverpool’s number 7 switch red for white in the upcoming season.

Now that Higuain has stated that he will definitely be leaving the Spanish giants in the summer, the strikers that could fill his role are starting to come out of the woodwork. The biggest transfer link has suddenly become to Napoli’s Edinson Cavani. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have often dreamed of a front-line led by the Uruguayan pair of Cavani and Suarez, but Madrid would be faced with another massive bill if they choose to bring in Cavani. Cavani has been the king of Napoli for several seasons, and despite proclaiming his love for the club on multiple occasions, their inability to snag major trophies and make deep Champions League runs has made a move seem likely. The other factor preventing this move from seeming like an easy decision is that Cavani thrives being the main threat for a team. At Madrid, he would have to share that with international stars like CR7 and, because of that, his goal tally could take a serious hit. Cavani may have said that he has “dreamed” about Madrid, but it has every possibility of being a nightmare.

Madrid has a long summer ahead. A new coach will probably be announced in the next few weeks and he will, inevitably, want to bring in a few players to try and put his fingerprint on the squad. They also have already seen a long-term target head to rivals Barcelona in Neymar, and the rumors are growing about Barca spending big in this summer as well. Although Mourinho may have left Madrid reeling, the moves in the summer will define whether Madrid is able to return to prominence or if they will continue to be a bridesmaid instead of a bride. No matter what happens, this transfer window may be one of the craziest in recent memory…buckle your seatbelts.


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