Wayne Rooney Match Day Hi-ResAlthough any person that has rooted for the red devils over the past decade will say that Wazza is irreplaceable, take the following into consideration. Rooney is a part of a Manchester United machine that seems able to place any configuration of their 11 on the pitch at any one time and still pull out a result, a team that has a manager that has shown an ability to win no matter what squad he is given, and a club that will experience several big changes in the next few years (Sir Alex leaving, Van Persie aging, completely new back-line, and (eventually) Scholes and Giggs actually retiring).

Manchester United is already struggling with choosing which strikers and attackers to place on the pitch. When you have 5-6 fit and able strikers that are all proven goal scorers attempting to get into a squad, you will always run into this type of problem. A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to put Rooney on the bench. Now, Chicharito, Van Persie, Kagawa, and Welbeck are all very capable of slotting in and scoring against any opposition. Although it does not make Rooney unnecessary for a strong campaign, it does make him easier to send on his way.

The second reason is the absolutely massive amount of money that PSG would splash on Rooney. The money could equal sums that might even allow the fabled ‘Ronaldo back to United’ to become reality. Given both players’ current form, I can assure you that 99% of people would prefer to have Ronaldo in their starting 11 (and the other 1% is related to Rooney).

We are also seeing a major shift of power away from the Premier League. Although there seems to be more strength than ever in the English league, a disappointing Champions League outing from all the involved parties leaves many to wonder if there are greener pastures elsewhere. Ligue 1 would be Rooney’s for the taking, and playing with the type of talent that PSG possess is they type of situation that any player would drool at. Just think, an attack force made up of Ibrahimovich, Lavezzi, and Rooney would be the strongest front three in world football.

From a player’s standpoint, it makes perfect sense. However, football is a business. And the fact that this makes so much sense from a business standpoint is probably why this rumor may change into reality sooner than you think. Factor in the fact that we are constantly hearing about United’s financial situation, and Wazza may be heading to France for certain. One thing is for sure, it will be a ton of fun to watch.


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