Millenium Falcon Kit

With the impending celebration for any and every person that’s been a fan of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it seems only fair that we present a fantastic blend between our favorite sport and one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time.  Designer Nerea Palacios has given us the perfect execution of what would happen if the force was allowed to be used on the pitch.

Palacios has made some fantastic choices with brands given to each kit, and we really enjoy the slight touch made by adding boots to the mock-ups.  While it’s tough to think that the Jedi would choose Umbro, it does make sense when you think about the history of the brand…once great, pushed to the brink of extinction, and now making an impressive comeback.  Puma used for the maverick Han Solo and the bounty hunter Boba Fett is great for forming a marriage of the boldest brand on the market and two of the boldest characters in the Star Wars universe.

R2D2 Star Wars soccer kit

It would be tough to convince a full team to wear the turtleneck we see with the Leia kit, and the Chewbacca kit would also be a bit of a tough job convincing the rest of the team to wear.  However, I’d still pay good money to have the kit for myself or see a major team waltz out on to the pitch in any of this gear.  Some of the club mottos would be particularly fantastic, and we’d only expect the English translation (since the motto would be in Latin, of course) of Han’s club to be as sarcastic as the character (we can only hope the match commentators would sprinkle random movie dialogue into their accounts of the game).

C3PO Kit

Now, adidas don’t quite fit with the Galactic Empire…and Nike doesn’t quite fit with the Rebel Alliance, but a literal take on Under Armour sits perfectly with C-3P0.  New Balance and the R2-D2 kit would certainly be a tough kit to see on opposing players and feel any type of pressure.  The Empire kit though…that would strike fear in anybody’s heart.

Empire soccer kit

What do you think?  Is this as big a winner?  Or a massive winner?