With almost twenty minutes gone by in the Liverpool vs Norwich match, the match seemed to be leaning towards another Liverpool disappointment and a continued fall from the top of the table as Christmas draws nearer. Then, from all of 35 yards, Luis Suarez decided to remind everyone why Liverpool stuck with him through a ten match ban and why Liverpool also believed forty million pounds could not pry the Uruguayan away.

After four sublime strikes from Suarez, Liverpool’s number 7 did more than simply befuddle Norwich…he reminded Liverpool why they must attain Champions League football and he reminded the world why they need Luis Suarez on their own squad if he becomes available.

When Liverpool retained Suarez after the summer’s transfer window, he made sure that Liverpool understood what it would take for him to remain in Liverpool red: Champions League qualification. With Liverpool currently sitting in fourth place and with the season seeming to truly heat up, it remains to be seen whether Steven Gerrard and co. can return their club back to the competition that their fan-base so greatly demands. However, Luis Suarez made sure that Liverpool have some serious motivation in the form of retaining one of the hottest strikers on the market.


With that being said, Suarez’s recent scoring and especially his fab-four against Norwich serves notice to all of the world and especially the clubs with deep pockets. Although Arsenal may not come back around now that they seem to have found a relatively dependable stable of players to score, other clubs are always in the market for dependable and flamboyant strikers. Can PSG justify another high price striker? Will Real Madrid finally shelve Benzema and bring in a striker that would fit with their high profile set-up? Is it time for Barcelona to to finally bring in a striker that prefers to play straight down the middle instead of occupying the wing? I can guarantee that there will definitely be suitors for Suarez if he maintains any semblance of his current form.

With the four goals, Liverpool probably felt like they were getting a gift. Sadly, it actually piles more pressure on them. They will need to give Suarez the CL that he wants in order to retain him, and they don’t even know if Suarez will perform at the World Cup at a level that draws in ridiculous bids and could draw him away from Liverpool anyway. We get to appreciate the goals forever…but Liverpool might rue them by next May…who knows…


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