• A Qatari Christmas

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    There’s a wonderful quote from Cormac McCarthy in his post-apocalyptic survival tale The Road, which reads, “Nobody wants to be here, and nobody wants to leave.” That’s sort of where we’ve found ourselves with the World Cup and […]

  • FIFA Fans Flames of Failure

    FIFA Fans Flames of Failure

    It is very difficult to find any shred of legitimacy that the world’s governing body of soccer still functions with. From Sepp Blatter always moments away from saying something idiotic or the constant reports about […]

  • A Journalism Perspective

    A Journalism Perspective

    I’ve been meaning to whip this up for a while now, as it’s something that’s frustrating me still, 6 weeks on. Phil Ball was a freelance writer for ESPN, contributing weekly columns about La Liga and […]