While we watch clubs splash cash and watch Arsenal refuse to splash anything, some of the more interesting transfers always seem to stand out in front. However, since there are tons of transfers causing rumors, getting finalized, and even more transfers simply existing only to steal blog and paper headlines, some of the transfers get lost in the shuffle. Surprisingly, one of the transfers that has not gotten much attention has been the move of Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez to Italian giant Juventus.

Souce: Footballfairplay.com

Souce: Footballfairplay.com

Now, while most occupants of Manchester will be happy to see Tevez go, his addition to the two Manchester clubs during title chases was instrumental. When United pipped Liverpool at the tale end of Benitez’s reign, Tevez helped push United back to the top to gain the title. When City got their most recent title, Tevez, returning after an “Argentine vacation,” happened to push them on and get them the title that they so badly craved. Without Tevez, there are serious questions on whether either of those teams would have gotten either of those titles.

The addition of Tevez to Juventus will definitely strengthen the Serie A champs. With a disappointing venture into the Champions League and a squad that seems to be teetering on the edge of being “too old.” Tevez is no spring chicken, but he still has another three years or so at the top level of world football. On top of that, Tevez will be trying to convince the staff of the Argentine national team that he is worthy of selection for the 2014 World Cup. A big ask considering the players that he is going up against for selection. Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, and PSG’s Lavezzi seem like automatic selections, but a big year from the temperamental striker would definitely help his case.

If Tevez helps Juventus make another Championship run and also aids them in route to a successful Champions League campaign, he could end up garnering enough attention to end his career at one of the world’s current high-profile clubs. PSG, Real Madrid, and others are more than willing to snatch up players in their early 30’s if they think they can add to their trophy cabinet, and Tevez certainly does not have a level of loyalty that would keep him at Juventus if a better offer surfaced.

Although plenty will be made about how smart a move Juventus have made if Tevez pans out, very little has been made about it so far. Considering how Tevez has handled his time in Manchester, it is not tough to see why. However, I think I remember Tevez saying that he was homesick during the championship season at City and that he would like to return home…and now he has gone to Italy? One thing is certain, Tevez never allows a dull moment in world football.


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