In a surprisingly emotional Youtube video, the Barclays say “thank you”.   Well, we here at the Center Circle and SoccerPro want to say thank you ten times more.   Most of our patrons/readers/fans/etc don’t live in England which makes being a fan of the EPL that much more difficult.  Many of us don’t know what its like to go to a home game or watch many-a-game in the pub in the home city of our teams.  BUT that doesn’t stop us from being fans, that doesn’t stop us from wearing our kits with pride, that doesn’t stop us from going to the extra effort to find and watch the games that aren’t broadcasted locally.  Fans of the EPL are in every crack and cranny in this world which is why the league is so great.

Whether you go to every game or have never been to one; you too deserve a thank you, a pat on the back, a high five.  YOU are a part of this sport and YOU make it special.



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