Suarez bites again

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Despite the fact that the World Cup will continue to march on. Despite the fact that goals will be scored. Despite the fact that there will be teams sent home and teams advancing beyond what was predicted. The World Cup now has a story that will sit on top of any possible situations that occur, with Luis Suarez making sure that he is now the main focal point of everything that happens in Brazil. While the view on his mistake and punishment has ranged from missing the remainder of Uruguay’s World Cup to handing down a lifetime ban, it is time to wade into the fire.

First, let us finish off any questions you have about what happened. No matter whether Suarez actually bit Chiellini or he shoved his face into his opponent with his teeth exposed (truly the only two possibilities), the end result is just as appalling. There was a negative action and, considering the way FIFA is moving, there will be a consequence.

From a non-Liverpool side of this, understand that FIFA does not have the power to ban someone for life. The maximum that they can hand down as punishment is 2 years away from the game. Suarez needs to be shown that, no matter how high he can make the ratings with his skill, he is not above the law of the game. This needs to be viewed through the scope of what FIFA would do to any ordinary player when he has the history of being a multiple offender. While the racism claim from Evra never felt like it was truly proven, even in hindsight, this is definitely his third time assaulting a player with his teeth. So far, the bans have gone 7 games and then 10 games. From an open-minded perspective, this one feels like it falls somewhere in the 15 game range and should include all legitimate fixtures that Luis would have participated in.

This situation also requires FIFA to make sure that they do not add to their current issues, so it means that Suarez might get an even bigger ban in order to ensure that this issue does not climb on top of the Qatar/match-fixing/bribing/Brazil infrastructure problems that are already plaguing the footballing giant. Either FIFA brush this under their already extremely lumpy rug, or Suarez gets made to be an example. Either way, it will be a polarizing decision.

From a Liverpool side of this, there is no doubt that every red has been shaking their head since the incident happened. A missing Suarez for the first part of the season could put two straight years of Champions League into serious question. It could also hurt any massive bids that would inevitably be flowing in for the Uruguayan star. Either way, this does not bode well for Liverpool. Suarez missing any chunk of the season and without bringing in compensation hurts the Liverpool charge for anything other than mediocrity. However, even the most fervent of Kop members cannot come to the Liverpool striker’s aid at this point. All the reds can do is hope that they somehow come out of this without being crippled as their season begins.

FIFA cannot hand down a lifetime ban to a player and there is not a single person in the world that should wield the power to take the world’s game away from anyone. While crimes should be punished, I still feel as if a lifetime ban is too excessive for any issue that would not be taken to an actual criminal court. No matter what FIFA sends down, there will be people that do not agree with the decision. No matter what Suarez does, there will be people that are not a fan of Luis. Welcome to the world of FIFA and Suarez…nobody agrees…


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