The Liverpool Moment

Liverpool wins again

There is no going back now. The belief, no matter how much Liverpool fans will try and deny it, has finally crept back in. Sure, there might have been positive thoughts when Klopp was hired. A shimmer of hope every single time Coutinho worked a ball onto his right foot to curl home a winner. Glimpses at what Can, Sakho, Ibe, and Origi might be. But, in the aftermath of a 6-1 mauling of a Southampton team that, despite prying some of the highest profile names away from them, had been a tough game for Liverpool for the entire reign of Rodgers, we find Liverpool in a spectacular moment.

The Liverpool moment.

No matter where the Klopp Krusaders go from here, this game will be seen as a key moment. Either fans will look back at the run of the last four away matches as the beginning of a new era of success, or they will look back to when things were once so promising that the possibilities were endless…only to, once again, descend back into a life of “almost.”

They first few keys will be to remain realistic and honest. Klopp has done a fantastic job of tempering the mood that the recent results should create, but it is tough for a fan to not dream.

First, teams must lose. While Arsenal might have proven otherwise once upon a time, this Liverpool team will falter. In fact, it will be a good thing to see how this team finally responds to adversity. A loss does not mean the end of the world, and the first time you think of tweeting #kloppout (in a non-ironic way), it might be time to calm it down.

Second, for your own health, let 2015-16 be a total trial run for this squad and coach. If a trophy falls into Anfield’s lap or a top four finish falls from the sky, just consider it a bonus. However, after the victory over Manchester City, you might as well consider this season a win. Let Klopp get a few of his players into the fold, bring up some of the promising youth, and instill his way of play before you even think about passing judgement.

Third, Ibe is great, but he’s 20. Origi is good, but he’s 20. Emre Can is great, but he’s 21. Although the more we learn makes Sterling’s exit seem more related to the mistakes of Rodgers, it couldn’t help how much pressure the club was putting on such a young player. Let the Liverpool youth program continue to do what it’s been doing for years, but let the players genuinely develop at their own pace.

The next few weeks will certainly be interesting, and it will be amazing if Liverpool can somehow maintain this hot streak. I genuinely think that this time will be important for the future of Liverpool and its fans (whether positive or negative), and it is an amazing time for fans of the Premier League right now. What do you think? Is this the beginning of something amazing for Liverpool? Or, is this going to be a flash in the pan before Liverpool returns to life as normal? Don’t forget, Rodgers took Liverpool to the doorstep of the title, and now he’s looking for another gig…


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