Torres Back? Fernand-NO!

fernando-torres-chelsea-everton_2947035The soccer world has always been a place where the smallest issue or the most ridiculous stories can gather steam or one of the biggest “news breaks” of the year. A player that does not score for three games is experiencing a “drought,” a manager that struggles with a new club for two fixtures is on the “hot seat,” and a keeper that has gone consecutive games without a clean sheet has lost confidence. Now, the world is trying to convince us that Chelsea’s Fernando Torres has regained his almighty form of old and that the Spaniard will soon be the most feared striker in all of Europe once again.


Torres has not been a truly world class striker since 2010. A lucky golden boot in the 2012 Euro is a direct product of being a member of the greatest national squad side in recent history and most of his goals for Chelsea have been either simple tap-ins or against significantly inferior opposition. To think that a striker has somehow renewed into a vein of form that we have not seen in over 1000 days is reaching way too far so that we can take away the seagull that has been around his neck for three years now.

Does one game announce a player? Of course not.

Torres needs to perform in every competition that Chelsea are in and he needs to return to EPL form for the real “number nine” to have returned. We are beyond excuses at this point. Do not blame the Chelsea system. Do not blame Jose Mourinho. Torres is paid millions of dollars to find the back of the net…an action that he has not been performing since leaving the red of Liverpool. Have you forgotten that the Spaniard cost more than Robin Van Persie? Do people realize that Liverpool have actually decided they are better off with the always-in-trouble Suarez? Torres has to sustain a top-level of play before I even think that he is playing at a decent level.

You want me to proclaim that he is “back?” Let’s see him terrorize defenses until May and I will consider it.

It almost seems like the world has gotten tired of piling the hate on the back of Fernando Torres and we are looking for the quickest route to remove the pressure. Two goals in one Champions League game is impressive, but there are a multitude of strikers in the Premier League that still seem more dangerous and they are not about to garner 50 million in a transfer. You think Lambert is as good as Torres? Would you take Welbeck over Torres? When Torres represents more of a goal threat than Aarom Ramsey…we can talk…but, until then, Torres is not even close to his best…ridiculous…


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