As United Grows, Others Shudder

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As the newest EPL season dawned, many believed that LVG was going to be given several years with which to right the ship at Manchester United. A slow walk back to the top four and an eventual jump back to the summit of England’s premier league…but LVG and United have decided that a faster route might be more enjoyable for the Red Devil faithful. With the madness of Boxing Day behind us, Manchester United finds themselves sitting in third place with the second half of the season about to start. Instead of believing that United has outdone themselves up to this point, it might be more appropriate to think that January will only see them improve…and the whole of the EPL should be on notice…

There are a few reason why the future should be scarier than the present for those on the Red Devil fixture list.

First, much like Manchester City and Liverpool last season, United will receive a major boost in the spring as more and more players return from injury. The two Belgian players in Januzaj and Fellaini will return within the next two weeks. While Januzaj will not have to be as important to this campaign as he was in the last, new attacking options will always be welcomed. Fellaini also showed more promise at the beginning of this season than his time under David Moyes and the Scot’s ill-fated tenure at Old Trafford, so both will be welcome additions.

With the return of the two Belgians, there will also be the return of two of last summer’s signings in Marcos Rojo and Daley Blind. Considering how youthful LVG’s back-line has been (more out of necessity than choice), Rojo and Blind will be welcomed back with open arms. Considering Carrick’s recent immaculate form, it seems unlikely that he will be unseated…meaning that Blind may either line up next to Carrick or could be eased back into a full 90 as he returns from the injury. Di Maria’s pre-match training injury has been reported as not being very serious, but any time that the United #7 can be reinserted into the squad has to be seen as a bonus. The current report is that all of these players will return within two week’s time…consider it like 4 major January signings that already know your system and are familiar with your players…massive.

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Second, with faith in LVG from the club’s board being at a massive high considering the current state of the club, another huge treasure trove of money will probably be invested in the coming month. Expect at least one defender and a midfielder (hopefully not a solely creative one as United has a wealth of these…) to come into the United ranks before 2015 truly has a chance to blink its eyes. With the current level that United is hoping to obtain, it would seem likely that these players will be massive names and big-time investments…Hummels perhaps?

With the mountains that United have succeeded DESPITE of, it is an increasingly scary thought of what they might achieve if a little bit of luck turns their way. Falcao is still not 100%, these injuries have hurt, and they have been unable to field a steady back-four since late August…and all that seems like it is about to change. For everyone that hoped that United’s time out of the sun would last longer than 12 months, it seems that Van Gaal and the Red Devils are destined to ruin that hope…the only question that still lingers is how long until they are back fighting for the highest honor…two seasons? Next season? This season?


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