New US Soccer crest 2016

A new era for US Soccer has begun. There is a new crest that will be used to represent the US in international competitions. The new crest will be located in the same place as usual on the US National Team jersey, over the heart as a badge of honor. The design is a little bit different compared to what we are used to.

The first big change is the highlighting of the letters “USA” near the top of the new badge. The new font was created by typeface designer Tal Leming, garnering the name “90Minutes.” The background is mostly white, while the lettering is blue, matching the traditional colors of the country. There are 13 red stripes, just like the flag, honoring the original 13 colonies of the country. The shades of red and blue are taken straight from the flag, with the names being Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue.

USA Home jersey crest

Overall, the new crest is simple, yet regal. There are various comparisons throughout the sports world, but I found the US Hockey crest to be fairly similar is style. The shape of the crest has been updated, fully signaling a change in style for the country. Gone is the soccer ball that was a featured piece of the previous crest. The women’s national team will also have 3 stars above the crest to signal their 3 World Cup triumphs.

US Soccer will be retiring the current crest at the SheBelieves Cup, which will feature 4 of the top teams in the world in the women’s game. The new crest will be worn for the first time in competitions by the Under-23 National Team and Men’s National Team on March 25th. The Under-23 team will be facing off in an Olympic qualifying playoff, and the USMNT will be headed to Guatemala for a World Cup qualifier. It will be interesting to see the new crest in action; it was time to turn the page.


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