Wanna Win a USA World Cup Jersey?

USA Jersey Giveaway

Somehow we are only about a month out from the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. June 12th will undoubtedly be here in a hurry. To celebrate, The Center Circle is holding a contest for a free USA World Cup jersey. That’s right, it’s giveaway time! The fortunate winner will get their choice of the home or away USA jersey.


Literally the only thing you need to do to enter is comment below this post. It will prompt you to enter your name and email address (only your name will show up), and then just describe why you should win a jersey. A random commenter will be chosen and messaged about which jersey they would like, the classy Home or the colorful Away. The contest runs until May 20th. Get in on the fun because, why not?

UPDATE: We have a winner! Calvin Lasister, come to the front and get your prize! Just kidding, we’ll email you.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and good luck next time. Go USA.

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  • Matthew Cox

    Come on you Yanks!!!

  • I’m a massive footie and USA soccer fan. I’ll wear this with pride.

  • rockstarphil

    I want to win a new USMNT jersey so my wife can’t complain about what I spent to add yet another soccer jersey to my collection.

  • Noel Bindrich

    I should receive a USMNT jersey because I am a new fan of the team

  • Ricardo

    I would love to have USA’s jersey because I have been and will support them through the World Cup, for they are in the Group of Death and they can prove to be the greater team!

  • Ryan McConnell


  • Paul

    Cause I’m Irish, Americans love Irish!

  • Long time SoccerPro supporter!

  • Hunter

    The away kit!

  • Kathy Orozco

    I’m stationed in Germany and there’s nothing more I’m looking forward to is representing the USA overseas while watching the World Cup!!!

  • Never owned one before – would love to rock one for Brazil!

  • Hunter

    The away kit! I should win because I am a huge fan of the national team and I love what Jurgen is doing in the squad. Hopong Julian Green makes the 23 man roster!

  • Alex Boyer

    I would love a new USA jersey, cause my boys Besler and Zusi are going to help the USA reach unprecedented heights, and I want to commemorate it.

  • Conner Styles

    I should win because I support the US team like crazy and my fiance supports Mexico. So winning this jersey would be great way to make her upset! Ha.

  • Nathan

    I would love a USA jersey because they are the underdogs that are going to take everyone by surprise and prove to everyone that Americans can play soccer. USA USA!!

  • denis lane

    Would love to show my pride by wearing this shirt!!!

  • Amy kush

    I would love to win this for my daughter who made local Allstar team for a second year and just returned from playing in Spain!

  • Lorenzo Aguayo Jr

    I would love a jersey because I love the beautiful game and the country I live in!

  • Dan Rutherford

    To match my red, white, and blue blood!

  • Omar Landeros

    I need that jersey to wear when USA wins the World Cup!!!

  • Brandon Radmall


  • Sam Friday

    I believe that we will win!!!!!

  • James Hypsher

    I have been a supporter of USA from day one. The US are coming out of Group G.

  • Benny Algarin

    I am currently stationed in Germany and they show all the World Cup games in our villages city center. It’s a huge event and I would love to be able to show my support during the Germany/USA game as well as the rest of the tournament. Long time supporter of your site. Thanks

  • Rudy Prins

    Hey, I am a huge USA soccer fan and am in desperate need for a jersey to support the yanks in the world cup this year. Would love to get one!

  • Ricardo

    I would love to win the jersey because I am a big supporter of the USA and this year in the Group of Death they will show how good they are!

  • Jeff moxie

    The yanks are coming

  • Sebastian

    USA will survive the group of death!!!

  • Trudi

    Represent US of A what a great way to fit out my day!

  • Pavel

    Because I should be prepared when USMNT win the world cup #believe

  • Daniel enriquez

    Because I.I believe.i believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! Go USA!!

  • Tom Maude

    Please I would love this jeresy, huge fan of football/soccer. I’ll wear this all the time, please please pretty please

  • Jomel Dimasuay

    Because I love the USMNT and everything about them. Win, Lose, or Draw, I will support them even when I’m dead. I know for a fact they will become a world power in soccer one day and they will bring the World Cup trophy to the states. I Believe That We Will Win!!!

  • Daniel Arellano

    I have never seen such a classy USA jersey

  • tom maude

    please can i have this jeresy. im one of there biggest fans so please can i have this jeresy. ill wear it all the time, I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!

  • Sean Materson

    I believe I deserve to win the USMNT jersey because win or lose, I will always support the US. No matter how unlikely it is for us to make it past the “death group” we can still do it. The United States has come a long way in recent years on the international level of soccer and I LOVE it. I’ve been a US soccer fan since day 1 of my soccer career and that will never change.

  • Nick Petrefski

    I should win because I’ve backed the USMNT at every game vs Mexico in Crew Stadium and am still undefeated!

  • Alex Lattimore

    Awesome Jerseys this World Cup. USAUSAUSA

  • sam

    i should win the jersey because i love soccer as much as anybody and would love to have a USA JERSEY

  • Jesús Tapia

    I have the old one

  • Ross Cotton

    I need this jersey! Going to the UK and need to represent

  • dylan

    I have a brazil jersey given to me by a brazilian exchange student, a spain jersey given to me by a friend, a Tanzanian Jersey given to me by my brother from when he went there, an irleand jersey given by my brother who studied abroad there but i dont have a USA jersey to wear.

  • Daniel Baker

    I would like to win so i can wear my jersey with pride when USA upsets Portugal and Ghana and advances past the group stages!

  • Danny cleary

    Go usa!!

  • Michael Murillo

    I would like to win the away kit, because I am a huge USA soccer fan!

  • Andres Saldana

    My last USA jersey tot signed by the whole national team and I’m afraid of ruining it. I need a new one to rock for the world cup!

  • joe parker

    The reason that I am asking for this jersey is because my cousin is a big USA soccer fan and he just came back from a 4 year service in Afghanistan and he doesn’t have a jersey for the worldcup.It would mean the world for him to get a jersey please pick me for this!!!

  • Soon-Ho Hwang

    That white jersey though. Hoping they can make it out of their division

  • I need this jersey because I dont have it and I am unemployed!!!!!!

  • Daniel Cantu

    I should win this away jersey because I bleed usa colors. I went to their game against Mexico in Glendale. Winning, losing, or tying doesn’t matter, I will still be a USMNT Fan!

  • Rebecca Baumbick

    I have played soccer since I was able to run. I planned to play d1 college and possibly even play professionally. In 2012 I began experiencing extreme hip issues and had to quit my club and premier teams. In 2013 I had bilateral hip surgeries and recovered for 7 months. Finally when I was able to play again in the on season of my highschool team in 2013, I was yet again hurt early in the season. I am now suffering of a gluteious max tear, likely labral tear, and finally bilateral sports hernias and tendonitis in my hip flexors. It would be amazing to win this jersey for me to at least be able to rep USA on the side lines. 

  • Tommy

    Huge usnt supporter, gotta have faith they can get outta the group in brazil, anything can happen once we are into the knockouts

  • Sterling Falk

    I want it just because I like soccer and USA. I kinda like jerseys too.

  • Joshua Liao

    I would love to have a USA jersey to wear when I’m cheering on the USA this summer in the World Cup!

  • Erik Contreras

    I would love to have the opportunity to be able to support the US national team everywhere i go with the jersey, and i believe they have the capabilities to reach to the top. It would simply be an honor and joy to be able to wear the US national jersey.

  • Paola Cornejo

    I would like to win the away jersey for my boyfriend because he’s a true supporter for the USA team and it’s his birthday just a few days before the World Cup and I always wanted to buy him a jersey because I feel bad that I can’t get him one

  • David

    I think i should win the USMNT soccer jersey because i support the US through the Good times and Bad and seen the evolution of the USMNT throughout these past 3 world cups and so i can the rapid growth of Soccer within the US and which better way then with a USMNT jersey

  • Jonathan H.

    I need that shirt to keep me warm. Please send it to me. Plus, I’m American.

  • Because I already have a Colombian National Team jersey (second rooting interest) ready to go for the world cup, but I need a USA jersey to go along with it.

  • Dale

    I will forever bleed Red, White, and Blue! I believe that we can win!

  • I should win the USA jersey because i have been a die hard fan my entire life. My interest in soccer grew when i moved to Costa Rica at the age of 6, and i would always go to every game, and support the US. Now, I am back living in Arizona and watch every game i can. The last jersey I had was a waldo jersey two years ago and it has now gotten about two sizes too small. Go USA!!

  • David Francy

    My daughter and I are huge fans and watch every match together we can. She loves the away jersey and I want her to have one.

  • Kyle Brown

    I want to be wearing a new US jersey while watching the massive upsets that will happen this June.

  • Wilst

    I’ve grown up loving the USA team–I was hooked for life at eight years old after I went to the USA Iran game in ’98. Though that game was the first time I’ve cried over a game (but not the last), they’ve been dear to me ever since. Would love to have a beautiful new jersey to represent my passion for the team!!

  • Sean Price

    I should win a jersey because I’m a poor, football-crazed college student who bleeds red, white, and blue, and I want to show my pride during the World Cup!!

  • Matt Witherell

    I should win this jersey. I live in South East Louisiana in an area with very little USMNT support or any international football support for that matter. I am trying to organize viewing parties for the World Cup, and winning the jersey would be a huge boost toward the cause of gaining support for our national team.

  • Nicolas B

    Let’s Jozy & Bradley!

  • Leo B

    I am a huge USMNT fan and would love to show my love and support to them by wearing the jersey

  • Steve Black

    Tough group. Have to get off to a good start and pray…

  • Wade Tomlinson

    O Brasil não está pronto para nós. Vamos lá USA! Vamos pelo grupo de morte! Vamos pela copa! A gente vai pra conquistar a terra dos sambistas.

  • Liam Bekker

    Football is my life so this would be a fantastic piece for my collection

  • nicholas

    I deserve the US jersey been a massive USA fan ,the main reason why I deserve is am from a not well to do family hence I can’t afford it

  • Michael

    50 states, 1 Team!

  • Sandra Huang

    I’ll be going to Europe this summer to experience the World Cup atmosphere there. It would be great if I wear a USA jersey to represent!

  • Chris C.

    I have been following the USMNT since ’93 circa Tab Ramos and Marcelo Balboa (I was 13 at the time) and have always loved showing my passion for the team by repping the team jersey whether it was a world cup year or not.

    I would once again love to show my USA pride this summer by wearing a new jersey because – I support the U.S., the U.S., the U.S. and that’s the way I like it!, I like it!, I like it!

  • Peter

    I’ll be at the send-off series in Jacksonville with AO and plan on trading my kit with whatever USMNT player will take it. I’ll then drive straight to New Orleans from Jacksonville and find the best shaman/witch doctor/purveyor of voodoo in town, have them cast every good spell/chant/charm on the jersey they can, then wear it from the moment the USMNT steps on the field until Clint Dempsey lifts the Jules Rimet Trophy on July 13.

  • Rich Allen

    I should win as I am a massive Sounders and Clint fan, so why not support the Stars and Stripes at the WC.

  • Win or lose, I always support USA soccer.

  • Edward Morales

    i think i should win because i have been a supporter since forever, it would be a great edition to my collection and its my birthday May 18th. and also you didn’t have the shoes i wanted in my size

  • Dawn

    I’m a very proud american and would love to be wearing the USA soccer jersey showing everyone that I’m representing the USA Soccer Team!! GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 🙂 #8 Dempsey rules!

  • Ryan Little


  • Patrick

    I want to look damn good when Jermaine Jones bombs a howitzer into the back of Neuer’s net and catapults us into the knockout stages.

  • Jo Ann Ford

    Family is made up of USA team and player fans. We’re made up of two teen club/hs team players, a dad coach, and summer ODP mom!

  • Charlie Wray

    Come on you yanks! I want to win to show my pride for the national team.

  • Anthony Ledgyard


  • Alec Koski

    I don’t know anyone who is a bigger U.S. Soccer fan than I am. I follow every move and religiously watch all the games no matter how late at night. It would be great to add some more gear to my USMNT collection for WC 2014!

  • Nat

    Absolutely love football and this would be a great addition to my collection!! USA!!!

  • Jamie Norton

    I would love

  • Mitchell Stephens

    I bleed red, white, and blue and would love to get a jersey to support the men in Brazil. #donttreadonme

  • Joane

    need this kit to show my 1/2 USA alliance, other half English so red, white and blue all round… would be a quandry on which t wearif both in the same game..

  • Burton

    With a new jersey I could retire my centinnial jersey that I wore during the qualifiers. It currently proudly bears the stains (mostly beer stains) of CONCACAF qualifying in Salt Lake City, Seattle and Kansas City. It has lived its life and is ready to pass the torch to its successor for the World Cup finls.

  • Arturo Amador

    I’m a huge USA supporter. I love the new kits for this upcoming World Cup in Brazil. They are simply amazing!

  • Justin Villagrana

    the USA is THE BEST COUNTRY in the world. whether that’s soccer, politics, sports, everything. plus that away jersey is siiick

  • Taggart

    I am in desperate need of a jersey! All of my jerseys are Mexican teams and now that I am north of the border I am freezing cold and need something to give me that warm American feeling of victory!

  • Hector

    Because I will support USA in the World Cup

  • Jose Santana

    C’mon, let’s be honest. Because this is a bad-ass jersey and well… It’s the World Cup! Merica!

  • Greg

    Because this is America, and in America we do things right, like design sweet jerseys like those. As a proud Amurican, I’m going to rock the hell outta those jerseys day and night all the way through our championship game in July.

  • As the World Cup creeps every closer the doubts surrounding the US Men’s National Team grow ever larger. We aren’t the noble, we aren’t the elite, but as Americans we never were. This nation was founded by men who stood up to the aristocracy and proved their worth on the battlefields! We were a nation of men who wanted to be the best and now in 2014 we face a seemingly insurmountable fight. We dream big though and we have the passion and desire to take on these giants of soccer just as our forefathers took on and toppled the British King. With the ghost of the George Washington leading us on to the pitch we will show we are not scared because we are Americans and for the Red, White and Blue shall we fight! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    These colors and this jersey represents our undying desire to be the best. I would be honored to wear this jersey during the World Cup in hopes that the strength of the nation can bring the National Team to new heights.

  • jason

    I’m bringing firecracker popsicles to all our matches, and I need a Jersey to match!

  • carol m

    I want to win it for my nephew for his birthday. He loves soccer. His high school team won state 2 years in a row and were ranked 3rd in nation. He now plays collegiate soccer and loves watching pro soccer and is pumped for world cup.

  • Phil

    Going to be representing the USA while studying abroad! U-S-A U-S-A

  • Dylan

    Because America is taking the Cup this year, and I need a jersey to support them on the homefront!

  • Mark

    I am a believer that this is the year.

  • Mary V

    I love it! Go USA!

  • John Eichkorn

    Let’s go USA!!!

  • Jeff Matherne

    Sam’s Army – REPRESENT!

  • Courtney Beasley

    I would love an away jersey!! I will be going to DC for the first time this June, I will be watching the first USA game somewhere in DC, and the 16th also happens to be my husband and my 2 year anniversary!! Come in I think this would be perfect!!

  • Skelly

    Because I will be in Europe on my honeymoon and I need a jersey to be able support the boys while I’m there in the pubs!

  • Cheryl

    I would love to give my husband the USA jersey for Father’s Day, which happens to fall in the middle of World Cup!

  • Albert

    I’m going to the game vs Turkey and I have nothing to wear.

  • rudy

    My brother is a big fan of the USA soccer team watches ever game. Always belives that this is the year the US will raise the cup. I believe I should win this jersey to give to him on his birthday may 23. Go USA

  • Colin

    I am a huge USA soccer fan and aspire to be like the players on and off the field. They are all my idols and I want to support them every step of the way through their journey in Brazil and even after that.

  • Raul Umanzor

    I should win the USA jersey because I like turtles!

  • Jonathan

    A couple of years ago I played in the Gothia Cup in Sweden and I represented the US and now again I would like to wear our colors as I cheer them on this year!

  • Pete Romano

    Something to wear at the local Pub (Red Lyon) when we have our watch parties!

  • Brian Kolodne

    I need this to help rep the US while in Manaus and Recife.

  • Pongsapat Wittayaworapat

    I would love to win this USA 2014 World Cup jersey because I’m from Thailand and I’m going back to my country this summer so I would love to have something that represent US national soccer team going back with me so I can put it on the frame for my collection.

  • I coach Girls U13 and have 44 of the little darlings. I have a competition running for who can devise the best trick/move for their team and teach it to the other players. A US jersey would be a cool prize for the winner. Nick b http:lwpfc.com

  • Spencer

    I should win this jersey because I’ll need something to support our team in Rio.

  • Mohandis Radford

    I need the jersey because I just missed the cut and wasn’t invited to the 30 man pre-World Cup camp.

  • I should win this jersey because, well, because, I have this terrible back hair issue. You do not want me standing in front of you at the pub watching the World Cup without a shirt on. It will back a mess out of your wings. Matter of fact, I should probably win both the home and away, it’s going to be a long tourney.

  • Ray

    Because I am not from Germany, Portugal, or Ghana. I AM AN AMERICAN!!!!

  • David Comiskey

    I watch every game to support the yanks.

  • Zach Peterschmidt

    I should have a jersey because I am a lifetime soccer player and USMNT supporter. I am going to be in Spain during the World Cup and I would love to have a new jersey to rep the USA with!!

  • Dane

    I am a college soccer player who can’t wait to watch the World Cup this summer and rep my country with my new jersey

  • Randy

    I bleed red, white, and blue! Murricah!!!!

  • i should win the jersey because i have been following the USMNT and USWNT for as long as i can remember and it would be a great addition to my US Soccer collection. Also, i will rub it in my friend’s face

  • Roger

    Because I love soccer, and right now I can’t afford to buy it, other way I would buy it from the store, thanks for let me participate…

  • Youngmin kim

    Because of USA

  • Kristopher Earll

    I am the 12th man on the pitch for team USA!! Plus this jersey would look awesome on me!!

  • Michele

    My husband lives and breathes soccer but is too cheap to buy a jersey. This would be the perfect birthday present for him on June 6th!

  • Hakeem rabiu

    It’s my birthday the 21st of may

  • Erin

    My husband is a huge soccer fan and would Love this Jersey!

  • Christine

    My son would love it!

  • Christon

    Because if Deuce looks like a popsicle in the home jersey I WANT TO LOOK like one, too.

  • Nick Stevens

    I should win the jersey because I bleed red, white, and blue and have been waiting for this for the past four years and am ready for USA to shock the world! Go USA!

  • Aaron

    Due to a back injury (yes, playing the sympathy card) from an auto accident I can no longer battle on the pitch. BUT, I could wear my USMNT pride on the links. As they just opened up a FootGolf course near me.

  • Connor

    I am a huge fan and will wear this jersey like it’s my job. I need this To cheer on my country. AMERICA FREEDOM JESUS

  • Tom C

    Because I am on way to Brazil for the first round – need a new jersey to represent the red-white-blue!

  • Nathan

    I should win it because I love ‘Murica

  • Jmoreno

    USA WILL be a soccer powerhouse someday, why not show them now – this World Cup. I got my red, white, blue shorts, socks, underwear, and shoes ready, just need a jersey to show world my team.

  • David Ernst

    football is love. football is lyfe. real, world cup football.

  • Ray Kosak

    Brazil,Brazil.Brazil,Mexico,Mexico,Mexico.That’s all I hear from the students at my School, Need
    one of those cool American Jerseys to shut these soccer kids down.

  • Javier Delgado

    Because I want to be supporting my country on the 16th of June when they Take on Ghana in das Dunas, wearing the patriotic jersey.

  • My 2006 Landon Donovan jersey numbers are falling off. It is not quite white anymore from beer and other things spilled on ot which my girlfriend thinks it is gross for me to wear.

  • kathy glass

    I should win because I have an awesome grandson who plays goalie for his team. I take him to all of his practices and I do not miss a game. He is 14 and I would love to give the jersey to him.

  • Breno

    My gf and I are going to Recife to cheer on our boys during the US Germany match but didnt win either lottery for tickets so now I will need something other than body paint to wear to the Brazilian bar so send me a free Jersey please!!!!

  • Nicholas Chen

    I love Team USA and I am going to be a part of the team in the near future 🙂

  • Kevin

    I want to win the jersey because i love soccer and ive never had a soccer jersey before other than my team jersey.

  • Ben Hays

    I should win the the jersey because i am a life-time supporter of team USA, and i bleed red white and blue!! I should win this so i could show off my love for USA during world cup season! Go USA!

  • Rolando Sandoval

    Usa is my homeland im proud to be an american and my uncle died he was a big USA fan i would like to wear one for him.Go USA

  • Andy Lincoln

    My daughter is heading to Brazil, I would love to win this for her to show her USA pride !

  • fern

    Get a US kit every World Cup. Time for a new one.

  • nico loza

    To show people that the USA has the courage, pride, and strength to get out of the death group and win the world cup!!!!

  • Martin Amezcua

    I should win the USA jersey because I’ve gone for them for a long time and for every world cup:) Go #USMNT

  • Connie

    I want it

  • christopher h

    because i’m a big, big fan

  • Carlos rios

    Come On! I’m going to Brazil let me go run in their faces our Supreme Team!!! USA!!!!

  • I’d love to win because I am a dedicated soccer Mom and want to proudly wear red, white and blue to represent! USA USA USA

  • Ishaq

    I think I should win the Jersey

  • Tyler Hinkle

    I already bought a brazil jersey, so I don’t have money to buy a USA jersey too.

  • Jacob Swales

    I should win the 2014 USMNT Jersey because I am meeting the players this summer and need to have the proper clothing to do so!

  • Ami

    I really want it and should have it because I love America

  • Christopher Lupercio

    I would love a usa jersey because this team , is more than just a team , its a representation of our nation. This year we will show the world why it’s an honor to be an American. USA need our support and I would love to represent them in this amazing jersey that screams out “I BELIVE THATS WE WILL WIN !”

  • Salim Eteer

    I would wear it across the world as I am traveling through Europe and Africa this summer!
    Go USA!

  • Dania Gomez

    It would be the best thing happening for me right now if I win a USA jersey because I am about to go to college and I’m having trouble paying for it. I have never been able to afford a USA jersey. The only thing I am looking forward to this summer is watching the World Cup and supporting the USMNT! It would be such an amazing and meaningful surprise winning this jersey. Bleed Red, White, and Blue!

  • Delia

    When my 9 year son-who eats, lives and breaths soccer- saw this jersey he said “mom I have to have this jersey to support USA before the world cup and if I have to I will spend all my allowance money I have saved up to buy it.” He would love to win this jersey!

  • Carl

    I would love to win this away jersey, as my soccer loving son would be so envious! People would ask, and I’d love to tell them where I got it from!!

  • Jeff wenzel

    Big soccer fan born in Brazil, Brazilian parents,go usa

  • Steve Wells

    I should win because I’ve played soccer for 40+ years from back in the NASL days and because May 20 is my birthday.

  • Sam

    USA!!!!!! Win the World Cup 2014

  • Jose Andres Chavez

    Im not technically an American, I moved to the United States in 2012 and ever since then this has been my home I am proud of it. What better way to represent my new home that with a jersey for the FIFA World Cup! USA USA USA USA <3

  • Dennis Reis

    Well,… Let’s see.. I’m a broke college kid who’s life pretty much revolves around soccer. I really want to buy a World Cup jersey but all my $$$$ goes to my books and tuition. I would love to have an official jersey to wear while I’m watching the World Cup!!!

  • Quinton Butler

    I love the new away US jersey, and would love one from soccerpro, to be able to win something as neat as a jersey would be an amazing story to tell all my friends, been a US fan since the 2006 World Cup, and am a current American Outlaw… Soccer Pro all the way!

  • Ethan

    Because USMNT is awesome. The World Cup is awesome. Soccer is awesome. And winning this jersey would be awesome.

  • Matt C

    I have played soccer in the USA for 17 years and will be playing until I can’t run anymore. The only USA jersey I own is Alex Morgan. I need another to support the Men’s side this year

  • Eustaquio

    USA! The away jersey is very catchy and is the flag colors so it would be nice to wear the USA jersey.

  • Patrick

    I am a United States citizen. I only have one jersey and it was the Ronaldo jersey but now it’s starting to rip and peel off!Please my birthday is in a few weeks and this would be a great present for myself.

  • lisa

    Three sons, three soccer leagues, three teams equaled 15 practices a week and usually 6 games a weekend. Add dinners at 9pm, rank smelling boots, stiff socks, midnight uniform washing plus both parents working full time and making games for 10 years… I deserve a treat!

  • Rene Zelaya

    For our team and Jozy Altidore!!!

  • Jorge

    I feel USA Will advance to the knockout stage of this year’s World Cup.I need a jersey to show my national pride and showcase our success.

  • Mary C

    I’d like to win a jersey to give to my son who lives and breathes soccer (or football, as he calls it). He graduates from high school on May 21st, so it would make a wonderful gift.

  • Emily

    I would love to represent the team and more importantly my country. GO USA!

  • Fernando

    I would like a USA Jersey because I am a fan since I saw them first play in 2002 against Germany in the quarter finals and believe in USA to get out of the group of death and somehow make it to the Semis

  • I desire to win this for my uncle who’s been like a father to me. He’s always been there for me and we both love soccer and USA National Team.
    My uncle is going to pass soon and it would mean a lot for just one jersey.
    Thank you for your consideration Soccerpro.com

  • Madison Francis

    I would love to win this jersey! I am 21 and going to Brazil with The American Outlaws by myself, so this would be the perfect way for me to show my US pride while I am in Brazil, as well as rep Soccerpro while I am there! This jersey would cap off my trips experience!

  • Because I think USA can bring home the World Cup this year GO USA !!!!

  • Jay Powers

    I’ve lived in the wonderful USA since I was born here, since then I’ve seen this country make a lot of progress such as gay marriage becoming legal in many states and the raise in the popularity of the beautiful game. Truley I would love a USA kit to represent my country as the go on to lift the World Cup this summer in Brazil. If you don’t beleive they will well then go ask the great Jimmy Conrad he’ll let you know what’s about to go down. Well anyway liberty and justice for all!!

  • Tim Meester

    Because red, white, and blue body paint is not flattering for me!

  • Emily

    GO USA! Love the jerseys.

  • Rushana

    I want to win it for my son, he plays soccer and it would be a great gift for him

  • Mack

    A true fan ought it wear the true colors of success!!

  • Azael

    I deserve this jersey because I’m supporting USA in the World Cup 2014

  • Zach Bleile

    I just started getting into soccer and fully support my USA….I need to now have the gear to show my fandom to the world!!!

  • Jorge

    We will win and take our place in the Knockout Stage. I need this jersey to proudly show my national pride and support! USA! USA! USA! I have always believed!

  • Margot S.

    My family loves soccer and would proudly wear the jersey during the World Cup!

  • Susan M Lipke

    Because I want one! 🙂

  • Joyce Harrell

    I love soccer and would love the home team jersey

  • Jose Tamayo

    In need of a new US JERSEY before the World Cup begins!

  • Susan M Lipke

    Because I want one!

  • michael

    with all the fires here in san diego, its the only way to stay cool while looking cool

  • \Todd

    …because I LOVE USA SOCCER!!!!

  • Miguel

    After extensive surgery on my knee due to a torn acl and exhausting physical therapy all I could do was support our boys in red white and blue! If I don’t win the jersey I’ll just paint my stomach! Go USA!

  • Alejandra Carbajal

    I should win a USA jersey because I’m a Huge fan! Go Landon Donovan! I Love you!!!!!!!!! World Cup 2014!!!!!! Go USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red, White and Blue Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica

    Because I’m the only US loyal fan in my household and support them no matter who they play! Go red, white and blue!

  • Captain America

    Because USA soccer will prevail!!!

    We believe we will win!

    American Outlaw!

  • cesar bazan gonzalez

    whether you at the matches in brazil or just watching it on the tv you gotta cheer on the USA, it’s soccer so anything is possible even watching the USA win the world cup

  • need to buy one for WC, might as well get lucky and get one for free.

  • Sonja Almand

    I don’t have one yet.

  • Bryaninho

    Soccer is my life, as it is for many other fans, its nice to see that it is getting more popular day by day here in the USA!

  • Sandra Ratcliffe

    I want to win this Jersey to gift it to my son, he has been a soccer fan since for ever! I deserve to win it because I’ve supported him with all my will, from taking him to the games to volunteering as coach when no one stepped up. Go Galaxy Go!

  • Anthony Aguilar

    I should win this jersey because I love my nation. I’m a young soccer player who has always dreamed of playing in front of thousands wearing the red, white and blue. Every day I think about the World Cup and the warriors that wear this jersey, and I would love nothing more than to be able to support my heroes with a US World Cup jersey of my own. I believe I should win this jersey because there’s literally nothing more that I’d love to do than support my home country during the World Cup, and I continue to better myself every day so that one day I can hopefully be a part of this tournament and represent my glorious nation!! And I look pretty good in white 🙂

  • Kris Kavanaugh

    I love soccer and watch it faithfully would love to win this jersey to support our boys in this upcoming World Cup!!! #USAallday

  • Judith H

    i should win the jersey because ive been playing soccer my whole life and am the biggest fan ever!! i love wearing my jerseys to my practices to show my support:D

  • Cody

    Because I want to have a giveaway at our chapters watch party for the WC opener against Ghana! I was planning on buying one to give away, but this would work even better!

  • Emilio Tortora

    I’m italian but half of my family is livng in the USA since ages. We love soccer and it would be freaking Amazing to watch USA matches all together. Wearing the Amazing USA away jersey with pride would be awesome, with those bright colours and classy design… We have high hopes on them this year… GO YANKEES GO!!!

  • Paula McGuigan

    My 3 girls play soccer, my husband plays soccer and soccer is in our blood. Our family would love to win and wear these jerseys proudly.

  • Krista

    I would love to be able to show my support of the USA team by wearing a new jersey during the World Cup. GO USA!!

  • cristhian bernal

    I would like the USA national team jersey so that I could have the jersey before the upsets happen. Also it woyld be nice to rub it in my friends face that I have it.

  • Frensi kris

    I Play soccer myself , i would love to wear this jersey in the soccer fields

  • Latrelle Burk

    I would appreciate winning one for my son. He has lived & breathed soccer since he was 18 mos old. We currently live in a small town where American football is king so he regularly gets a hard time from his friends about his love for soccer. would love for him to have an official American jersey to wear during the World Cup. Plus, with him being a cheeky bloke, he has vowed to wear a different soccer jersey every day during the next school year, mostly to irritate those who tease him. You gotta love a kid who has the strength & courage to stand up for what he believes in! Plus, he is on a club soccer team in a neighboring town & there are a couple of kids that arent the nicest, to put it politely. It would so irritate them, too, see him in a USA jersey! Lol

  • I need the jersey because this is my first worl cup, cheering for my sons country… WE ARE AMERICA.

  • Josh

    I never had a national team jersey and I always support my team. And that would be my second jersey ever. I love the USA I want a USA jersey

  • I still don’t understand why I don’t have a Team USA jersey, yet….

  • Erick St.Pierre

    I should win this jersey because I eat, sleep, breathe and live soccer everyday!! I can not wait for USA to hit the pitch in Brazil. Nothing would be better than to be sporting a USMNT jersey when they hit that pitch! USA USA USA!!

  • Luis Palacios

    I need this shirt, I only have 28 days

  • Steve N

    Go USA! Still hoping to see Wondo make the roster!

  • Melani

    I would like to win this jersey to show that the USA is just as passionate about soccer as its European counterparts.

  • Ryan Lade

    Go USA! Please choose me, I’m a huge soccer fan and would love to support the national team in style this summer!

  • Bako

    It has always been my goal and will continue to be playing for team USA my family isn’t one that can afford real jerseys and this would be my first and I want my first jersey to mean something to me

  • Will

    The Real Yankees!

  • Sonu Santhosh

    I’ve been wanting one of the new USA jerseys since they’ve been announced!!

  • CarolP

    I look great in Red, White & Blue especially when cheering my team (USA) to victory!

  • Connie Baskett

    The jersey would be an awesome graduation gift for my son who is a huge soccer fan.

  • Michael B

    I have been a diehard USMNT supporter since 98 and would love to have the away jersey to show my national pride during the WC this summer. As a recently unemployed fan sadly can’t buy one but have been a loyal Soccerpro customer over the years !!! GO USA!!!!!

  • jorge

    i have been a USA fan when i was 5 yrds old and my parents told me that i have to stay with one team an i choose USA because i also been a Zusi and Bradley fan because there good players and if i won this jersey i would cry because my father wouldnt see me getting this jersey

  • Aaron

    I’m traveling to Brazil and I need to be representing the USA in the rocket pop jersey! I’m passionate about the beautiful game that takes place everywhere around the world at all hours of the day. Come on you Yanks!

  • Matt Marlowe

    I will wear it ALL the time! And when I wear a team’s jersey, that team AUTOMATICALLY wins! I can effect the outcome of the game!

  • John Pedersoli

    I’m a naturalized US citizen and born in Brazil. I told my relatives over 20 years ago that the USA is a rising soccer power and that one day Brazil will play the USA for the Cup and they will become the teams to beat in world soccer…THIS IS THE YEAR! I am going to Brazil and could use the shirt!

  • Idabel Lucas

    I love to Get my own country team jersey, & I wanna support them for the World Cup since I was born I can’t say I can’t buy one but parents has been strict . I want one so bad but a real jersey would be Perfect !

  • Mr. C

    I am an 8th grade teacher and soccer coach at a school with a high Hispanic population. I often go back and forth with my students about who has the better national team (trust me: they are tired of hearing dos-a-cero). Our last day of school is June 26 (the day the U.S. plays Germany). I would love to wear that jersey and let the students know one last time that the U.S. is the best national team.

  • Spencer

    I want this jersey because you are offering it to me for free. Go USA!

  • Steve Fox

    hope I win

  • psk2310

    I’ve been following USA soccer since the woeful 1990 WC which ironically is the tournament Kilnsmann dominated. I’ve witnessed highs & lows but proud to say I’m raising my 10 year son (who plays club-travel footy) to be a major US fan. We’ve watched every game together since Klinsmann took over & also went to see the US win the CONCACAF Gold Cup here in Baltimore. If I win, I will choose the jersey to go to my son.

  • Connor

    I’m a highschool guy who is lacking a USA soccer jersey in my wardrobe, so it would be a privilege to have the USA badge stitched on my chest. My heart swells with pride for the USA! I may not be able to watch the Yanks grace the pitch in person, but my TV will suffice. The World Cup can’t kick off soon enough for me!

    Go get ‘em boys, this is our year!

    • Connor

      One last thing…
      Thank you SoccerPro for giving us soccer fans an opportunity to wear a jersey that our own players wear! I can assure you I would treasure the USA jersey forever if I was fortunate enough to win this contest, but it is your decision. I bleed red, like most individuals, but I also bleed white and blue. You would make a young man indescribably happy if I were to take home the jersey. USA jerseys are so expensive, so I am afraid I will not have another chance to have a jersey of my favorite sports team. I am literally going to dream about this jersey in bed tonight.

      A soccer game lasts for 90 minutes, but the glory lasts forever.


  • John Jayson

    I will be repping the USMNT all summer. Jerseys every day. Seriously. Every day.

  • Isaiah Ledezma

    Because come June I will be shoving my patriotism down peoples throats at 100mph… whether they like it or not. What better way to do it than wearing my brand new USA jersey?! It’s meant to be.

  • Isaiah Ledezma

    because I will wear this with absolute honor!

  • Ave

    I have always cheered for US Soccer and would love to represent them wherever I go. GO USA!

  • khue y

    I should get the Jersey is I support USA even tho I am not from here I wish them the best of luck and try there best to win the cup also the US has helped me and my family so to help is like supporting them and keep supporting till the end. And this why I want to win the Jersey so people can know I support the USA soccer team.

  • vinnie catalano

    Hello soccerpro.com I have been a customer for a long time now and I bleed soccer. When ever I’m down I play this amazing sport. No matter what is the problem in my life every feels fine when I play. I would like to win the Jersey because I would love to have a Jersey like these amazing ones just let out by nike. I could show me friends and feel like I’m a real professional. Then when it is time for the world cup I would wear that Jersey everyday not even caring if it is dirty or clean because I would know i am supporting county. From a young age I lived soccer and my live for game has only grown. If I won this I would be delighted as I could know I will represent my country but also get it from my favorite soccer store :). I really hope you pick me as my love for soccer and this country is humongous and only growing. Thank you for reading my comment and good luck to everyone:) …… GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie Herda

    I should win because I have grown to love the World Cup. I also should win because my brother has a jersey and this would “even the playing field” a bit, at our house. Thanks for the chance!

  • Christina L.

    Because ‘Murica.

  • Arnold Villagran

    I’ve been collecting most USA national soccer jerseys and i want to add another to go with me to Brazil

  • joe parker

    The reason that I am asking for this jersey is because my cousin is a big USA soccer fan and he just came back from a 4 year service in Afghanistan and he doesn’t have a jersey for the worldcup.It would mean the world for him to get a jersey please pick me for this!!!

  • Tom Smith

    The reason I would like this jeresy is because of my desese.. I have cancer and am struggling to fite it. I’m from Australia but support USA, so please can I have this jeresy

  • Thomas Richard

    the reason i would like this jersey is because when the first round of the world cup is on ill be in surgery. i would love to wear this jersey whilst i am getting surgery. i am only 14 and live in Australia but am from originally from America. please can i have this jersey

  • Jackson Smith

    please choose me

  • jack


  • Jose Martinez

    The reason I deserve to win this jersey is because I am a soon to be United States Marine and will be happy to proudly represent the USMNT on base.

  • Jackson Smith

    the reason i would like this jersey is because i am getting surgery on my leg and may never be able to play soccer again. im getting surgery in the first round of the world cup and would love to wear this jersey whilst getting surgery. im only 14 and from Australia but am originally from America. please can i have this jersey.

  • Justin

    Wish I could attend the World Cup to witness USA do some damage. But I can’t, therefore, I will watch their games on TV with my circle of friends. I will support them from our USA home, and wearing the red, white, and blue jersey will demonstrate my love and support watching our USA team play their brand of the beautiful game.This will be my first USA soccer jersey ever. USA fan in waiting!

  • dimitri chichinadze

    I am from little country – Georgia. In Tbilisi we have one little supporters club of United States of America. Of course, we want USA get succes at World Cup. It’s shame that, I haven’t shirt of USA team. Of course, i would be very happy, if I have Usa team shirt ! :))

  • Gordon

    I never and i mean never owned a club/country team shirt, n i would love to win one. The next reason is because “SOCCER” rules, down with football in USA!!!!!!

  • Janice Kohout

    So in love with the game and the sport!

  • Kate Thompson

    My son in law is from England so I would love to watch the World Cup in my USA Jersey! Can’t wait!

  • Nicholas G.

    I really want a Usa jersey to support them in the World Cup this summer

  • kathy

    I love soccer!

  • Joe H

    Getting Ghana in the “group of death” was karma. We are going all the way!! This our World Cup!!

  • Finn Cook

    The USMNT has never been closer to world cup victory then now, but the only thing standing in our way is the group of death and I will cheer cheer cheer until the us takes the cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PCjabber

    USA, USA, USA! Looking forward to watching our boys from the USA score mercilessly against other teams in the World Cup, hopefully while wearing the colorful USA Away jersey 🙂

  • Donna Schechter

    I don’t own one – this would be so cool!

  • Erik

    USA soccer is growing everyday and soon to become one of the best teams in the world ! USA USA #MLS

  • noah schmidt

    I wanna win this

  • Marc Reynolds

    I deserve to win a USA jersey because I have been a soccer dad for over 15 years now.

  • Garrett DeAngelis

    I collect multiple jerseys as my hobby. Being a kid, I spend my own money on them,
    with two from Bayern Munchen, a German national team one, Juventus, Italy national team,
    Earthquakes, LA galaxy, and New York Red Bulls. I have been saving up for a US national team jersey for this world cup and I am going to an upcoming USMT vs Azerbaijan.
    USA!!!!! USA!!!! Group G is the group of death because we are in it!

  • Because we will fight out of the Group of Death.

  • Michael Cavalli

    I take all my vacation time during World Cup time. I literally watch every match i can no matter what and I have had to change my sleeping patterns during them to accomodate my need to watch every second of the Cup. Then back to normal until 2018.

  • Jose Napoles

    I am a fan of Chris Wondolowski and I will be supporting him this summer so I really want this USA jersey.

  • Samantha Deangler

    Because I want to rock the best country’s jersey during this World Cup season! Merrrrica!

  • Noah Witt

    My father and I were going to see U.S. play in the first round but he got a call to go to Afghanistan so we won’t be able to go anymore but I think this would be a great going away gift for him!

  • Noah Witt

    Please for my father

  • Eric Zhang

    Why I should win? So that the US can hopefully get out of the Group of Death and rock it when I’m up at 3 A.M. watching matches.

  • Dave Priewe

    I’m new to the sport but I really enjoy soccer and I would love to receive an away jersey or home, either would be fine.

  • Nate Anson

    I’m 9 years old and play club soccer and I want Team USA to win because I love soccer. The World Cup would be that much more fun to watch if I was wearing a Team USA home jersey. Go Team USA!!!

  • Gaby Torres

    I need the USA Away jersey because I love the USA. ‘Muerica !

  • Calvin Lasister

    I actually had decent grades this semester, clearly inspired by the Gold Cup win from last year. Went from 5 USMNT games seen last year to probably zero this year. The world is awful, I need that home.

  • Susan Parker

    I believe in the underdog and the USA is once again the underdog.

  • Tyson

    I’m a young USA soccer fan. I’ve never seen a more beautiful game or country and combine them its the most worthy team to cheer for on the planet. I know I don’t need a jersey to show my support, but it would be nice to have one.

  • Justino

    I’ve been playing soccer since the age of 4, thirteen years of soccer. I still have a dream of playing soccer for the USA Team someday. A college education and playing DI soccer is just around the corner. Don’t know if I will be fortunate enough to proudly play for my country, but wearing the USA jersey will be a constant reminder to work hard. Anything is possible, and follow my dream.

  • Tristan Vance

    I really want to win this jersey because I have played soccer since I was 5. I love the USA team and hope to support them in the World Cup even though I’ll won’t have a TV watch them on.

  • MaryAnn

    My Husband will schedule our lives around World Cup this summer, and he could show his US support in this shirt.

  • Kimberly

    I am always wearing my husband’s old jersey. I would love to be able to replace it, as he has been excited about the World Cup ever since the last one!

  • I love the USA

  • gprice2nice

    I want a jersey so I have a jersey to watch the games, the flight to brazil costs a lot so they’re not buying me a jersey 🙁

  • Ben Henderson

    Let’s go USA!

  • Andrew J

    I really want to win this USA away jersey because it looks sick and im supporting the USA for the world cup the whole way.

  • Mary Rueckerl

    Huge fan of the sport since 1970s — played soccer from 7years old up until I graduated college. I knew Pete Vermes when we were at Cook College (Rutgers University) and watched all the home games. I still root for the USA because one day we will show them that we know soccer!!

  • Will L

    While growing up, I admired and supported players like Steven Gerrard and Andrea Pirlo. However, when it comes to that time every four years, I wear my country’s colors loud and proud no matter who they face. It would be awesome if I could add this year’s jersey to my wardrobe!

  • George Brown

    I’m a teacher proud of my profession, and feeling the same way about our USA team. In a couple of weeks, I will show my students a PPT on the World Cup, sharing my thoughts how USA will do this year in Brazil. I would love to do this presentation with a USA jersey. Now wouldn’t this be beautiful!

  • jay rich

    can i have this for my brother, mes a big fan and its his birthday

  • Tish Taylor

    I want to win one fore my Grandson who just loves your team

  • Deborah Reitenauer

    Love soccer. My 6 yr old granddaughter plays.

  • Christophr

    I should win this because I am a young athlete and I am a goalie in u12

  • liam

    love soccer

  • muhammed

    I’m a big fan of USA, and i will look like a fool if i went to party without wearing their jersey……… hope all the best for Dempsey , Donovan and all the rest in the world cup

  • Rony

    I need a usmnt jersey!!

  • carlo

    i support usa team too…carlo from indonesia : )

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