Warrior Wins Big in Fellaini Transfer

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Although many pundits around the world are currently lambasting Manchester United and their transfer window dealings, there is one American brand that will be overjoyed with their summer purchases.

With the biggest player on their roster being a defender in Vincent Kompany, the New Balance owned Warrior have probably been looking for a big named midfielder or striker to also bear the torch while playing for one of the bigger European clubs. With Fellaini joining United and David Moyes likely to give the tall Belgian a plethora of starts, the Warrior boot line will definitely get some free publicity.



Although Warrior seems to have shifted Fellaini into the recently released Gambler boot, the entire brand will get some attention shifted to their footwear and Fellaini will certainly be the main reason. Although a great start for Liverpool (who wear Warrior apparel) will also help, a company attempted to really make an impact in the boot world needs a high-profile player in order to really take hold. Perhaps the lanky Belgian will even convince some of his new teammates to give the American brand a try.

Although we at the Center Circle have not had a chance to test the Gambler, we were quite impressed with the original Skreamer and the K-leather Skreamer that marked Warrior’s entry into the boot market. If Warrior can continue to build steady success and create boots that intrigue football fans, then the American based brand may actually start to find itself succeeding in the European and American markets. Warrior will also be pleased to have been presented with an easy marketing campaign considering that Fellaini and Kompany will take part in one of the biggest rivalries that football has to offer. Add in that both of their boot silos will be represented, and I think we can all anticipate the next big ad we see from Warrior.

If you are interested in giving Warrior boots a try, head over to our friends over at SoccerPro.com and snag a pair today! You will definitely not be disappointed and you will probably be the only person in your entire league wearing the boots! Even though your hair may not be as big as Fellaini’s, your style will certainly grow to new heights.


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