Wenger Abandons Suarez Pursuit


After a slight restoration of faith for Arsene Wenger via a 3-0 victory, the French manager finally admitted that his club’s pursuit of Liverpool’shad ended. A massive statement for the followers of both clubs and a statement that may have implications on how the clubs will approach the end of the transfer window. In general, it should be taken as a positive for both clubs (especially for the Gunners).

For Liverpool, it means that the main club in the Suarez race has stopped their pursuit. Although it is possible that another club may swoop before the end of the window, Liverpool would have made a massive mistake if they would have allowed a player of Suarez’s ability to have an opportunity to play against them in the league. It also will allow fans to see that their manager and owner are not afraid to spurn something that they do not approve of. For an English club, American ownership is always difficult to trust, making this a very positive move by John Henry.

For Arsenal, fans should be relieved that Arsene has given up the Suarez chase. With their lack of activity, Wenger could have used Liverpool’s stubbornness as an excuse for not making a large purchase. However, since he has given up the Suarez chase, it feels like he must make one large signing in order to appease the fans and prove that the early summer rumblings about a large transfer kitty were not actually fabricated. Although the win in CL qualifying will calm everyone around the Emirates, another stumble in the Premier League that feels similar to their opening day loss will result in the masses calling for Wenger’s head. With about $45,000,000 freed up, it seems like a big move should definitely happen at some point.

I would be remiss if I did not share a statement by Arsene Wenger basically saying that there were not any good players available on the market. With the amount of money that Arsenal are willing to spend, there are HUNDREDS of good players available. 40 million would buy Rooney almost twice over and that amount of money could also snag Gourcuff (a player Wenger has always admired) with plenty to spare for another purchase or two. No good players? Highly doubtful.

The Suarez transfer saga has only truly been front page news for this summer, but I am sure that the Uruguayan will be a hot commodity for years to come. Remember how long the Ronaldo transfer went on? I imagine that Suarez will end up flirting with other clubs for as long as he is in top form. It does seem like we can finally close the book on the transfer…for now…


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