If you’re one of soccer’s biggest fans, you know that adidas is one of the top brands in the game. However, if you’re looking for a new soccer ball that is perfect for you, picking the perfect ball can be difficult. We’re here to help you find the perfect adidas soccer ball and figure out which is perfect for your upcoming season. 


adidas is the main ball and brand sponsor of some of the world’s biggest tournaments like the Champions League and the World Cup. This sponsorship has led to the development of some of the most technologically advanced soccer balls in the world. These soccer balls have undergone significant comprehensive testing in wind tunnels and on the field to optimize the ball’s performance. Match balls are the most high quality and elite balls that the brand has to offer and perfect for the most elite performers in the world.  


If you are looking for innovative technology that offers speed, accuracy, and consistency, the match ball is the one for you. Match balls are designed with a thermally bonded seamless construction that allows the ball to be more aerodynamic and have an improved flight pattern. The two latest versions of the match are the Al Rihla and the Finale 22 and feature two different panel designs that are perfect for elite players. The Al Rihla features Speedshell panels that are developed with diamond debossing and texturing to improve control and consistency. The Finale 22 features star panels on the ball that ensures more aerodynamic movements for the best performance on the field. 

The match ball has also been designed with a butyl bladder that allows the ball to maintain its shape after multiple uses as well as remain inflated for multi-game use. Not only is this ball built for the best players in the world, its details are unique and well-done. For the first time, the World Cup ball is designed with only water-based glues and inks. The Al Rihla and Finale 22 is the most creative ball to date and allows for more precision and stability than ever. If you are looking for a ball used on the world’s biggest stage, this is definitely the ball for you. 

Competition Match

The perfect ball for elite teams and competitors that do not want to pay the Match ball price is here. The competition match ball is home to similar features at a much lower price point and is also FIFA quality certified. There are slight differences in the two that make them different, but still perfect for high performing athletes. 


The Competition Match ball is designed with advanced skill level players in mind. Unlike the match ball, the Competition Match Ball has been engineered with more panels that are perfect for the highly skilled player. These panels are still thermally bonded that allows for a more precise flight path. Also featuring a textured pattern on the panels, touch and precision is far easier than before with a ball at this price point. 

A butyl bladder is also engineered into the interior of the ball allowing it to stay aired up and maintain its shape through multiple game use. This ball is also part of the NFHS soccer ball program that certifies these balls for official use in High School competitions. For a high quality ball, it is at a substantially cheaper price point than the match ball with nearly the same quality. 


If you are looking for a ball perfect for training and developing your skills, Training and Club soccer balls are perfect for you. These soccer balls come at a much lower price point, but do not feature all the same technology as the Competition Match and Match soccer balls. 


The Training and Club soccer balls feature a textured surface on the external casing. This allows for an improved touch and additional grib on the ball. TPU casing creates a softer touch on the ball and is extremely durable for use at every practice and game during the season. This TPU casing features a nylon-wound carcass with machined-stitched construction for more functional use. 

A butyl bladder ensures optimal air retention to consistently perform at a training and match leve. Typically this ball is home to more traditional panels, which is perfect for training use as well as is more durable on tougher surfaces. While this ball does not include all the same technology as the Match and Competition Match Balls, it is perfect for upping your game. It is the most ideal ball for training sessions and more recreational matches to ensure top performance and skill building. 

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for the perfect adidas soccer ball to match your needs, but haven’t been sure which is the perfect one for you, hopefully this helped. If you still aren’t sure about the difference between the many soccer ball choices, here’s a quick recap:

Match – The most elite level and most expensive soccer ball from adidas. Is home to all the latest and greatest soccer ball technology and is perfect for high level matches. This is the ball the pros use in the biggest games like the World Cup and Champions League and is FIFA quality certified.

Competition Match – A still high tech ball with a far lower price. This ball includes many of the top features of the Match Ball, but is meant for more competitive soccer use. A competition match ball is also typically a NFHS approved ball, certified for high school soccer match use. Many of these balls are also FIFA quality certified, but are missing a few of the Match Ball features. 

Training/Club  – Designed to make you better. This is the ball designed specifically for low-level matches and training sessions. Typically the lowest priced ball and designed to improve your skills not for game play. Training/Club balls are affordable and perfect to up you game!

Now that you have a good idea of what the difference between the types of soccer balls are, you can find the perfect ball for the upcoming season. Whether you are looking to improve your game or play like the pros, adidas has the perfect soccer ball for you.