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Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola and Manuel Pelligrini

Manchester City got some Pep in their step. Bigger than any player movement this week was the manager signing a deal with Manchester City to begin next season. The move was being speculated about until Manuel Pellegrini made the announcement that he would not be returning to the club, when the Guardiola deal was announced quickly afterward. This is a big move for City.

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Emmanuel Adebayor

Crystal Palace signed the striker on a 6-month deal. This is a great move for both sides, as Palace get a proven striker, while Adebayor gets a chance to redeem himself after an exit from Tottenham in the fall. He has been at some of the biggest clubs in the world, and he has the experience that warrants the gamble Palace are taking on him.

Patrick Roberts

City’s big youth buy a couple windows ago is going on loan to Celtic for 18 months. Roberts is one of the more heralded prospects in England, but they want to get him some first team action to develop his game. Celtic is a good option to help him toughen up for the rigors of the Premier League.

Best Transfer

Pep Guardiola

The player transfers were a little bit lacking on star power this window, but in the manager game, this move was a slam dunk home run. City won the race for Pep’s signature in his first foray into the Premier League. Pellegrini agreed to move on at the end of the season without too much hassle. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Worst Transfer

Costel Pantilimon

Let’s just get this straight: Sam Allardyce figures the best way to help stave off relegation is by selling his reliable starting keeper and putting complete faith in a 21-year-old who has a grand total of 1 Premier League appearance in which he gave up 4 goals. Further along, Pickford has been loaned out so many times that it is unlikely he is very familiar with his back line teammates. The best part, Pantilimon was sold to Watford, a new team to the Premier League who aren’t even close to the relegation battle. Terrible move by Sunderland.

Best Club Transfer Window

Newcastle United

Jonjo Shelvey celebrates for Swansea

Three solid signings were enough to claim the best spot. Jonjo Shelvey, Henri Saivet, and Andros Townsend add some much needed depth and talent in the Toons midfield. Shelvey knows the ins and outs of a Premier League relegation battle, while Townsend will be determined to prove Tottenham did him wrong. Saivet is the wild card of the trio, but has a proven record in Ligue 1. There is no doubt though that the club had an excellent window to compete in the 2nd half of the season.

Worst Club Transfer Window


In addition to having the worst transfer of the window, Sam Allardyce decided to pour salt on the wound by letting Steven Fletcher go to Marseille on loan. It’s like Big Sam is purposefully trying to get the Black Cats relegated. They sit in the relegation zone, didn’t make any substantial buys, and let 2 of their most established veterans leave the club. Good luck with that, and enjoy relegation.

Most Debatable Transfer

Giannelli Imbula

Paying 18 million pounds for any youngster is a huge gamble, but for a defensive midfielder, that is extremely questionable. Ligue 1 is a good league, but the Premier League is a step up in physicality. Imbula may end up working out great for Stoke, but at this point, I really have to question the buy from the Potters.

Best Under the Radar Move

Ashley Cole

Roma's Ashley Cole

Getty Images

If the MLS is anything, they are business savvy. Getting Cole on a free transfer after he terminated his contract with Roma is a great move. He is one of the biggest English footballers, and will be a great ambassador for the league. The LA Galaxy love their stars, and Cole is as bonafide as they come. Outstanding move that has gone under the radar.

Biggest League Winner

Chinese Super League

The Asian market is one of the most untapped in the world of football, and now the money is flowing in. The league is helping bring in well known players like Ramires, Paulinho, and Robinho. Sure, the league is garnering some older stars, but the wages are competitive and the players seem to enjoy a project.


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