Zoom into the Future with the Latest from Nike

The update we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Nike has released the new Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly IX and it’s more technologically advanced than ever before!

air zoom mercurial vapor 15 and superfly 9

Air Zoom: Technology of the Future

Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 and Superfly 9

The Mercurial has always been the speediest and most innovative silo from Nike, but what they’ve done with this latest release is unmatched. These cleats have combined all the greatest features from both the Mercurial and the Phantom and turned them into the cleats of the future. 

For the very first time Nike has developed an all-new soccer specific Zoom Air unit. The Zoom Air unit covers ¾ of the boot starting from the midsole to the toe. When your foot touches down, the fibers compress to cushion the impact before they are able to quickly spring back to their original state. This latest technology allows you to have a more explosive and powerful response off the ground. 

air zoom mercurial vapor 15 and superfly 9


If you love the Phantom, then you will definitely love the upper of the latest Mercurial. Designed with Vaporposite +, a grip-enhancing chevron mesh with a premium Flyknit lining, ball control at high speeds has never been easier. The lining of the boot wraps around your foot and gives you a more natural feel for dribbling, shooting, or passing. Combining your favorite from the Mercurial means that Nike of course added in a Flyknit collar. This collar wraps around your ankle allowing you to stay locked in even in the toughest moments. 

One of the most significant redesigns is the sole plate. Now built with full coverage on the entire sole of the cleat, there is more support than the previous Mercurial. Nike even went so far as to redesign the studs on the soleplate. Instead of blades throughout the entire soleplate, there are newly designed Tri-star studs throughout the upper half of the soleplate. The new tri-star studs make way for more multidirectional traction so you are able to quickly change direction. Bladed heel studs offer better traction and stability when braking at quick speeds. 


Final Thoughts

The latest release in the Mercurial silo, is certainly not a disappointment. Combining all the great technology of the Mercurial and Phantom along with much needed redesigns, this update is certainly one of the best in quite some time. Meticulously adding detail to the cleats allows this to be more advanced an impressive than ever. These redesigns came at the perfect time, with a Women’s Euro and a World Cup on the horizon, Nike gave the world exactly what it needed.  


Now you know our thoughts, what are you thinking? Do you think this is the right direction for Nike? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

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