It’s here. The X is back in the all new X Speedportal and it’s one of the most advanced pairs of cleats adidas has ever released. The story and technology behind these boots is legendary so you’re definitely going to want to learn more.

Boom! Big Reveal!

If you love Rick and Morty, you’re in for a real treat. The all new Speedportal is inspired by the super popular hit show that has broken barriers and is definitely not afraid to push the envelope, just like adidas. The world of Rick and Morty has gotten the attention of celebrities, millennials, and everyone in between.

Rick and Morty are the main characters of the hit show and while that’s no secret, they are the main inspiration for the all new Speedportal. Wondering where the name Speedportal came from? Fans of Rick, the cynical scientist that drags his weary grandson Morty on all of his adventures, looks to travel across the sci-fi world. Rick and Morty travel dimension to dimension with his portal gun. Rick’s portal gun is the green color that we see on the upper along with the yellow that we see in the details.

The partnership between adidas and Rick and Morty is meant to unlock multidimensional speed in a new and exciting way. Whether you’re a fan of the show or don’t even know the characters I just mentioned, the all new Speedportal is packed full of new technology for the speediest and most influential cleats in the game.

Unlocking Multidimensional Speed

The X is arguably one of the speediest and dynamic cleats on the market. If you’re wondering what makes these cleats so quick and speedy, it’s the technology. The latest X Speedportal features all new technology from adidas that has never been used before and provides the most speedy and comfortable fit.


One of the first things adidas wanted to do in the all new X was develop an outsole engineered specifically for speed and control. The stud pattern for the SPEEDFRAME features two distinct stud designs: generative studs and forefoot studs. What’s the difference between the two?

Generative studs allow for speedy movements as well as speed and power.

Forefoot studs make way for quick cuts and increased stability during the toughest moments the game may bring you.

The all new SPEEDFRAME also includes a Carbon Propulsion System designed specifically for speed. A carbon fiber soleplate has been engineered to give you the freedom to make quick and sharp movements without any regrets. The carbon fiber soleplate snaps you back into your original position after quick cuts and movement on the field. The combination of the latest stud technology and sole plate design makes way for a speedy and ultra dynamic pair of cleats.


Speed can’t be relentless without the help of a stability system. The all new High Speed Stability System was designed to give you the maximum support needed to reach the fastest speeds.

What carried over from the previous X is the highly resilient PRIMEKNIT collar. This collar allows for a lock down feel keeping your foot in position inside the cleats. Even more impressive is the all new carbon heel lock and molded STABILITY WINGS. This all new heel system keeps your foot supported in every moment of the match and ensures that you’ll never lose speed because of instability. An all new midfoot support cage makes way for speed more than ever before. An all new stability wing is included to add further support and functionality for movement that has never been seen before.


An upper can make or break a new pair of cleats. The X Speedportal features a redesigned upper that is strategically made for maximum comfort and optimal ball feel at the fastest speeds of the game. SPEEDSKIN is made up of two distinct parts that are designed specifically for speed.

An all new lightweight engineered textile allows for a comfortable fit with a purpose. Lightweight textile allows for more breathability and a more natural fit on the foot. These are the perfect cleats for optimal ball control because it allows for a feeling that is unmatched. The new upper also features a textured upper casing. This new casing is home to small ribbed sections on the top of the cleats in areas that experience the most touches and movement. A new upper casing allows for more control and speedier dribbling on the ball ensuring that speed comes from more than off the ball.

Ghosted, Speedflow, Speedportal. What’s the difference?

Before we get started on the differences between iterations of the X we need to understand tech that has withstood the test of time. First of all the + edition of the X is still home to a laceless upper, which has been a favorite from the brand. Whether you’re a fan of the laceless fit or not, it is still worth mentioning as it has been a staple on the cleats.

Something that has become a staple is a carbon fiber soleplate. However, each iteration comes with its own update for the soleplate that continues to improve the overall feeling of the soleplate. From the Speedflow to the Speedportal the PRIMEKNIT upper continues to remain the same. This has provided a better lockdown fit for players and ensures that players have the most optimum fit.

Now that we’ve established what’s the same it’s time to look into what is all new in the cleats and what is drastically changing.

X Ghosted

The X Ghosted was truly the most reformative cleat in the silo as it came with a totally new upper, updated soleplate, and a more dynamic fit. A MIRAGESKIN upper was created specifically for the cleats. The purpose was to mold to the foot and offer a crisp and direct touch. In this upper we also saw WIREFRAME support to give stability to the upper. These cleats also featured a sprint spike silhouette that would later feature in the Speedflow, but make its exit in the Speedportal.

The major difference between the X Ghosted and the latter X models is the overall upper. The MIRAGESKIN upper is not as stretchy and does not have nearly as much give as the later models. However, the new stud pattern and carbon fiber soleplate would make its way into both the Speedflow and Speedportal.

X Speedflow

After a fairly successful iteration of the X in the Ghosted, some of the features that needed upgrading got their wish. While the upper of the Ghosted was exceptionally innovative, the Speedflow offered a more durable and even more comfortable fit. PRIMEKNIT makes its resurgence in the Speedflow upper. Getting into the cleats is much easier with the PRIMEKNIT remodel. The MIRAGESKIN upper does make a return but not in as prevalent of a way. PRIMEKNIT runs throughout the center of the upper and splits the MIRAGESKIN in half, whereas MIRAGESKIN was the entire upper of the Ghosted. A new AGILITYCAGE offers support in the cleats now and makes room for improved stability. The purpose of the all new support is to keep you more locked in and prepared for rapid acceleration. The SPEEDFRAME is also back with the same stud pattern and outsole design that was found in the Ghosted, including the Carbon Fiber plate.

The biggest upgrade and change from the Ghosted to Speedflow is most definitely the upper. A move to include PRIMEKNIT with MIRAGESKIN improved comfortability and wearability for the cleats.

X Speedportal

The latest iteration of the X has taken the best parts of both the Speedflow and Ghosted and turned them into the best cleat from the silo to date. The all new High Speed Stability system pairs with the updated SPEEDFRAME a more dynamic fit and offers carbon fiber in multiple locations. The heel lock and outsole combine carbon fiber technology and add further stability for more functionality. These are also the only cleats in the game that are home to a carbon fiber heel plate which is a needed upgrade in this iteration. Stability wings are also a new edition to the cleats that are designed to ensure that speed is easily attainable without any roadblocks. The redesigned SPEEDFRAME no longer features running spike technology, but does still include a carbon fiber plate.  A new upper that is made of a textured material that makes up part of the all new SPEEDSKIN upper. MIRAGESKIN is no longer found on the upper and a more pliable material makes for a stickier and speedier upper.

The all new Speedportal is a combination of the best technology from the previous X, but also the inclusion of all new technology. The biggest differences are in the upper and the SPEEDFRAME. Both have been designed to ensure that speed is more attainable and stable than any cleats before it, which is pretty undeniable.

Final Thoughts

Soccer fans, Rick and Morty fans, or fans of unmatched speed the cleats for everyone are here. Updated technology makes way for an extremely speedy pair of cleats that have never been seen before. The story behind the cleats is even more revolutionary than the technology. A partnership with the iconic Rick and Morty makes way for the future of the brand and any partnerships we may see in the future. Big stars like Messi, Salah, Horan, Reyna, and Rodman are going to sport the Speedportal proving that these are the cleats for anyone.  

If you love the look of these cleats but aren’t sure that they’re the exact style you’re looking for, check out the latest from adidas in the Game Data pack with the Predator Edge or Copa Sense!