Which Cleat is for You?

If you’re new to the game, looking for your latest pair, or want to know the difference between Nike soccer cleats, look no further. 

As one of the staples in the soccer cleat game, Nike is home to some of the most innovative and unique cleat features to date. Some of the world’s best collaborate with Nike to associate themselves and develop a specific model in their silo. Nike’s silo is home to three distinct cleat types that you should be aware of: the Phantom, Tiempo, and Mercurial. While these may just be made up words to you, they do in fact have distinct differences between them. After reading this you should have a pretty good idea of the differences between them and what cleat best suits you. 

Phantom GT2

Nike Phantom Gt2 soccer cleats


The cleat from Nike that is made for every player is the Phantom GT2. This cleat was born from two similar and highly popular cleats from 2019, the Phantom VSN and the Phantom VNM. When it came down to it, Nike was looking to make a cleat for players in attacking and creative positions, which meant combining the two. 


The biggest change in the new Phantom is the Generative Texture (GT). Essentially Nike has taken a look into what parts of the cleat are the sweet spot and added extra texture for grip. In collaboration with the GT upper, Elite models are built with All Conditions Control (ACC) coating to be ready for any condition.

To complete the redesign, Nike added their new Hyperquick System to the cleat. This system is a completely redesigned ribbed sole plate that is flexible and stronger than ever. Even as you move down in tiers, the Hyperquick system disappears but the sole plate still mimics these features. 

The Elite and Pro models of this cleat also offer a sock-like Flyknit material, which makes this cleat super comfortable and form fitting. Also featuring an off-center lacing upper, the cleat allows for more sweet spots and a more comfortable fit.  

The phantom offers two options: a high collar sock-like fit and a low cleat cut fit so you can have the fit you desire. This cleat is a great option if you are looking for comfort, speed, and creativity. Some of the world’s best like Kevin De Bruyne, Alex Morgan, and Harry Kane wear the Phantom from Nike. 

Available Models

If you are looking for the most up to date model of the Phantom, the Phantom GT2 is what you should be looking for. The GT2 is extremely innovative and is home to four tiers of cleat. Definitely check out the Phantom GT2 today!


nike tiempo and Premier soccer cleats leather

If you are looking for a soccer cleat that is both modern and traditional, the Tiempo is definitely the cleat for you. This is the oldest silo from Nike and has nearly the same traditional look since its inception. The beauty of the Tiempo is that it is built for virtually every kind of player and has been the most reliable cleat from Nike. 


Even if this is the most traditional cleat from Nike, it has definitely seen upgrades and innovation over the years. The Tiempo features a K-Leather upper, but now also features Nike’s ACC technology ensuring that the cleat is not only soft but durable as well. Also featured on the cleat is a Flyknit tongue and completely redesigned sole plate making it extremely lightweight. When people think of leather they think that the cleat will be heavy, but these redesigns from Nike make sure this is not the case. 

Not only are these a traditional cleat with innovative technology, but they are also extremely comfortable. To prevent rubbing and discomfort, Nike has added soft foam-packed pods throughout the interior of the cleat. This small change has made these soft leather cleats even more comfortable than before. 

The beauty of this cleat is that it is not only comfortable but it also does not take any time to break in. After its leather and Flyknit reconstruction, the cleat takes no time to break in and lets you play straight from the box. This cleat is well loved by some of the greatest players in the game like Virgil, Antonio Rudiger, and Thibaut Courtois. 

Available Models

The most recent update to the Tiempo is the Legend 9. Featuring the redesigned technology from Nike the Tiempo Legend 9 can’t seem to stay on the shelves. Its versatility is undeniable and players can’t stop loving it. However, the Premier III is certainly a reliable options from the Tiempo Silo. Featuring a reduced cost, if you are looking for the best but want to save a little money, you can certainly go the Tiempo route. 


Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8

Arguably the most well-known silo from Nike, the Mercurial is one of the most popular cleats that the company offers. Offering two distinct sub-silos, this cleat is definitely one you should learn more about. 


The latest Mercurial’s features are the Vapor and the Superfly. Both of these feature Nike’s sought after Flyknit technology, the latest and most lightweight upper yet. This upper is also extremely flexible and breathable, which allows the cleat to form fit to your foot. 

 If you are looking for a sock-like collar, the Superfly offers a Dynamic fit collar and wraps around your foot, eliminating any gaps to the sole plate. The Vapor offers a low-cut cleat giving you all the best of the Mercurial in a low-cut cleat.

It is important to note that the upper on the cleat is made with ACC Technology. This gives the outside of the cleat a textured upper and matte finish, making it more durable in any weather. ACC is always found in the Elite package, but there are other cases it is seen in the Pro. 

These cleats are also extremely lightweight, which has been proven to help with speed and dynamic performance. If you are looking for a lightweight cleat meant for speed and performance, the Mercurial is the cleat for you.

Available Models

The Mercurial is one of the most updated and utilized models in the Nike Silo. The most up-to-date Mercurial Models are the Superfly 8 and Mercurial Vapor 14. Worn by the likes of Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Aubameyang this is definitely the boot for the best. 

In Conclusion.

If you have been looking to buy the latest and greatest Nike cleat, this should have helped you better understand the difference between the three main silos. However, just to sum it up here are the main takeaways:

  • The Tiempo is built for every player and is the most durable of the Nike Silos.
  • The Phantom is the perfect cleat for the most offensive and creative minded players. 
  • The Mercurial is the cleat built for the speedy and dynamic player. 

The price difference between the three is very slim. However, if you aren’t looking to spend $200 for a pair of cleats check out the Pro and Academy models. Not sure what the difference is? Stay tuned for an explanation of the difference in cleat tiers.