We are just a few days away from kick off in Qatar which means the biggest and brightest stars in the game will be wearing the most up-to-date and iconic boots to ever hit a pitch. The game’s biggest brands have pulled out all of the stops to make sure their biggest players are getting the royal treatment. Want to compare the looks and decide which brand crushed it this World  Cup? Keep reading for a closer look at all the top brands’ World Cup Packs.

adidas – Al Rihla Pack

Perhaps one of the most exciting packs from adidas in quite some time, each boot silo offers a unique take on the Al Rihla colorway. Al Rihla, meaning the journey in Arabic, serves as the inspiration for the pack with bold colors and graphics representing the multitude of players coming from across the globe. 

Predator Edge

Perhaps the most classically known boots in the game, the Predator Edge takes its generally classic appearance and takes it to a modern era. Engineered with the classic Power Facet and Facet frame these boots work to give you more powerful strikes with every wear. This classic tech is paired with a Zone Skin upper that ensures your touch and control is at an elite level. 

In these boots the Al Rihla colorway takes shape from the ball that players will be hitting the pitch with. A pearlized upper with a multicolor graphic and multicolor soleplate offer a more modern and bold look from a traditionally muted boot. 

X Speedportal

The speediest boot silo from adidas gets a look that matches its bold technology from top to bottom. These boots just got the redesign that has made them some of the speediest and lightweight boots in the game. A carbon fiber soleplate is paired with the all new speed wing to keep you stable and ready for take off. 

While these boots are speedy in tech, they offer a look that is undeniably bold and powerful. A clear aqua upper takes center stage on these bold new boots offering players hitting the pitch at the World Cup the boldest look ever. Sitting on top of the clear aqua upper are bold multicolor details that mimic that same rainbow pattern on the ball. Starting at the three stripes all the way to the soleplate of these boots, an unmatched and iconic look offers players hitting the pitch in Qatar a totally iconic look. 

Copa Sense

Some of the most classically designed boots from adidas, the Copa Sense takes classic tech and gives it a modern update. The only boot from the three stripes to offer a soft leather upper, these boots are worn by the game’s boot purists. Sitting on top of this supple leather upper are soft foam touch pods that offer players unmatched control and power on the ball. 

The most subtle looking boot silo, the Copa Sense takes that subtle look and takes it up a notch. A black base on the upper makes sure that the bold details of the Al Rihla pack are totally visible and take center stage. On the upper the multicolor Al Rihla print details on the three stripes and throughout the lateral and medial sides take the traditional looking boot to the next level. Even the soleplate takes on the bright yellow base and offers a multicolor look that is totally unique. 


PUMA – Fearless Pack

Football fans across the globe, specifically in the United States know that major world superstars like Christian Pulisic and Neymar Jr. are rocking PUMA on the pitch. Both major players rock the different silos PUMA has to offer, which means that their look has to be undeniably bold. 

Future Z – Tech

The boot designed for players looking for undeniable control and power gets a bold new look. The idea behind the Fearless Pack is that it offers the players wearing them the confidence to play without any hesitations. FUZIONFIT+ technology locks your foot into the boots and offers you a more adaptable lockdown feeling. A Dynamic motion System outsole makes sure every player has unmatched multidirectional traction so take off and quick cuts are not a problem. 

Ultra Ultimate – Tech

The speediest boots from PUMA just recently got an update that’ll take players like Pulisic up a notch this season. Engineered to take speed and creativity to new heights, these boots are more lightweight and ready for action than ever. ULTRAWEAVE technology takes the upper and makes it lightweight and breathable. PWRPRINT technology has made sure that touch is not sacrificed even at the highest possible speeds of the game, making fearless energy undeniable. 

Fearless Pack Aesthetic

With undeniably powerful technology, these boots need a look that matches the tech. Being fearless starts with no hesitations. In these bold boots fiery coral sets the stage for fearless style and passion when it comes to hitting the pitch in Qatar. Upward pointing arrows in Fizzy light point up, pushing you to play the game without looking back. The bold details and base of these boots are unmatched and take a different approach to building an undeniable pair of boots during the World Cup. Both boots take on this same design and colorway, but offer different and undeniable tech. 


Nike – Generation Pack

Inspired by the past, present, and future generations of football superstars, Nike has launched the Generation Pack. All of the boots in the pack feature bold and unique designs that seek to inspire the next genepration of football superstars. Each boot tells their own unique story and offers arguably the most iconic look of the tournament. 

Mercurial Vapor & Superfly

It’s Nike’s speediest and most up-to-date boots, which means that they’re getting the royal treatment this World Cup cycle. Engineered with the all new high tech Zoom Air Unit, these boots will propel whoever laces them up forward, bringing them to speeds they’ve never reached before. A grippy Vaporposite + upper ensures that your super speedy boots still have unmatched power and control even when you’re at the speediest points of the game. 

These ultra speedy and powerful boots are home to a bold new look that’ll be the centerpiece of the pitch. Inspired by the boots worn in the early 2000s, these boots feature a Metallic Copper base that offers a look that is totally undeniable. Pink blast sits on the sole plate pairing with the Metallic Copper that takes these boots to the next level. White details and a navy collar pair perfectly to give even the most iconic players a boot they’ve never seen before. 

Phantom GT

Power is pretty much undeniable in the Phantom GT with its specially designed technology that ensures whoever laces up the boots are totally undeniable. A grippy upper texture gives players an unbelievable touch with more power and control than the previous iteration of the Phantom. A modern sole plate is designed to enhance power on and off the ball so players can be more undeniable than ever before. 

These ultra powerful boots take a different approach to the pack with details that shine brighter than the base of the boots. A black base opens the boots up to one of the most style-forward pairs of boots on the pitch. Metallic copper details lie throughout the upper, making their way down to the soleplate for an ultra powerful look.

Tiempo Legend

It’s called the legend for a reason. These boots from Nike have withstood the test of time and evolved into the boots that players across the globe have come to know and love. Designed with that classic leather upper that the biggest players in history have worn. Soft pods sit on the top of this leather giving players far more powerful strikes and a more natural feeling on the ball. 

While the Mercurial offers a super bold approach to the Generation Pack, the Tiempo Legend takes on the pack in a totally unique way. The upper takes on a new Space Purple color that offers the most classic boots a modern update. Pink blast details sit on the upper and that bold Metallic Copper color found throughout the pack sits on the soleplate and swoosh of the boots. 

Boots on the Biggest Stage

Some of the biggest faces in the game are hitting the pitch in Qatar in just a few short days. Each brand has made sure that their sponsored players are going to be equipped with the most iconic boots that have ever hit the World Cup stage. Each brand has delivered boots that are redefining boot design for the better. 

Which boots are you looking forward to rocking this season? What boots are your favorite?