Welcome to the adidas ACE 15.1 FG/AG in the Black and Silver colorway. Right off the bat you notice the sleek design, almost the “stealth” model that comes around every so often. The two pops of color come from the reflective silver stripes, and the bright yellow conical studs on the front of the foot.

The boot is listed as a Firm Ground and Artificial Ground combination, something new to adidas boots. This will allow you to have the same boot from grass fields on a hot summer day to your turf fields that are starting to pop up in complexes around the county. But more on this later.

The totalskin upper is a soft and thin surface made out of a three-layer engineered skin, which is designed to give you the barefoot feel that is popular with most current boots. The thin upper will allow your foot to be closer to the ball when striking it, and give you complete control with every touch.

adidas ACE 15.1 - Black - wit bag

Upon closer inspection you will see the triangle design around a hexagonal point. These divots in the upper are designed to give you better spin on the ball with any striking surface possible. The recessed spaces also allow the boot to shed a lot of weight. The technology is called Non-Stop Grip and the texture added to the upper is designed for incredible touch.

The stud configuration on the bottom has 10 conical studs, with a spine of smaller “turf” studs up the middle and on the toe plate. This design gives you the perfect amount on control to explode with every cut, but the additional studs will also allow you to control the ball with the bottom of your boot with more studs on the ball.

Outside of the science, the adidas ACE 15.1 FG/AG will probably be the most comfortable boot you will wear in the 2015-16 season. From the pick up games on a Sunday afternoon to the Premier League, these boots are always a first choice for any player.

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