White adidas X 15

It’s been over three months now since adidas wiped the slate clean on their boot lineup. The Internet’s early reaction to the colors and design was, uh, mixed, to say the least. Solar Yellow and black featured on the launch colorway for the X and ACE, and, while some immediately dug the anarchic look of the X 15 or the simple charms of the ACE 15, not everyone was a fan of that oh-so-bright yellow.

Fast-forward from late May, and September opens with yet another color option for those still waiting on the perfect look before they dive in the ACE or X pool. In the intervening three months we have seen these two boot styles inhabit black, blue, and most recently, chrome/silver.

adidas ACE - White

What we haven’t seen yet (at least on the men’s side) is a clean white edition. As the Women’s World Cup began, adidas released predominantly white versions for the ladies. These elegantly designed cleats looked excellent in Canada for that tournament. Now the Three Stripes has tried their hand at a men’s fit in white.

Upper of adidas X 15

As you can see, the X 15 has stark grey accents on it’s unique upper, as well as a few of the studs on the soleplate. This adds a neat visual layer to what could’ve just been an uneventful white boot.

adidas ACE outsole

Similarly, on the ACE 15 you have a white front half wonderfully complementing a silver back half. This lovely mix is enhanced even more by the orange-tinted studs on the soleplate. Maybe a little forecast of an upcoming full-boot colorway?

You can find SoccerPro’s entire ACE and X collection right here


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