One of the beautiful aspects that has recently crept into the adidas fold is the idea that “Hey, we said we’re starting a revolution and we scrapped all of our previous silos…why not just go crazy?”…and, they certainly have! Hidden laces, no laces, silver uppers, and a host of new ideas from the three stripes show that they are ready to embrace their new direction. So, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that adidas has decided to take their ACE and X soccer shoes and drape them in something that would seem out of place nearly everywhere outside of Texas.

The adidas Viper Pack.

While brands have ventured into nearly every head-space and possible ideology for boot creation, slipping a pair of boots into snakeskin feels fairly safe to call “original.” While it will certainly divide opinion, we think it’s a great look for a brand that is continuing to try and push against the grain. We are anxious to see if any of these work their way onto the major European pitches over the next few weeks, and we really want to see how the boot’s design stands out from a distance.

Considering how adidas boasts that these two boots should provide an incredibly close touch and act almost as a second skin, it wouldn’t be too far of a jump to design them with a unique reptile’s skin. The ACE PureControl is covered with the design all the way to the soleplate, but the exposed PrimeKnit in the tongue area is left with a solid color. The X PureChaos has a bit more coverage, and the design blends perfectly with the marketing that we’ve seen from the German giants concerning the boot.

Will this be the boot that forces you to break the bank and bring some venom to the pitch? Is there another famous animal that you wouldn’t mind inspiring a design for a boot? We’re actually surprised that Puma hasn’t gone zebra or that Nike hasn’t gone leopard print before…but, there’s definitely plenty of time for those to still happen.

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