ACE Purecontrol Stellar Pack

Adidas soccer cleats have gone dark, into space, and everywhere in between in 2016. However, with quite a few months left in the year, there’s still some tricks left in the German giant’s bag. The newest toys from the three stripes is the Stellar Pack. Was the Space Craft Pack a little bit too much for your sensibilities? The Stellar Pack is here to propel you to the top of the charts. Adidas sure seems to be squeezing everything they possibly can into 2016, and the Stellar Pack will only strengthen the revolution.

While this pack has been teased by various players on major European pitches for a short time (notably, Liverpool’s Firmino in the ACE Purecontrol and Barcelona’s Luis Suarez in the X Purechaos), we’re excited to finally see these boots released. A predominantly white upper greets you on both of these boots, with gold accents as you approach the soleplate (which is decked out in a very eye-catching gold set-up). Other pieces of the upper are pieced together using black, to help the white/gold really stand out and help you be seen from the sidelines. White boots always scare us a bit considering how easily they stain from the grass, but these are too (ridiculously) good looking to worry us to the point where we don’t want them.

adidas Stellar Pack

The adidas ACE is meant to allow players to be able to control the game. A soft, multi-layer upper lets you have a nice level of comfort and padding while not hurting your touch on the ball. The conical soleplate is a dependable AG/FG set-up that will let you focus on your game without worrying about the traction under your foot. Whether using the ACE 16.1 or the Purecontrol, it’s everything that a player might need to put the ball anywhere on the pitch. Just ask anybody here at The Instep, and they’ll tell you that you can’t go wrong utilizing a member of the ACE family (we’re a bit partial to the PrimeKnit ACE…as is Hunter).

The adidas X has seen serious upgrades in 2016 to let it continue to cause chaos on the pitch. Where the X 16 Purechaos is our favorite PURE series boot from adidas, the X 16.1 also brings some serious heat to the soccer gear market. A slightly different graphic on the upper, that we think is much better than the fake “rips” in the previous X iterations, really adds to the chaos creator from adidas. The X series is meant to provide a streamlined feel and close touch on the ball, perfect for aggressive attackers or ruthless defenders. Not a lightweight boot that will wow with its lack of ounces on the scale, but a boot built to make you confident in your touch and finishing.

adidas X Purechaos Stellar Pack

While we are left scratching our heads about launch of the blue/red X colorway that has featured in the boot spottings recently, we’re big fans of the Stellar Pack. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little touch of gold on your feet as you hunt down the opportunity to slip a gold winner’s medal around your neck. Head over to and snag yourself a pair today, and start raking in the trophies!

STELLA!…if you say it with a New England accent, it provides the desired effect!


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