adidas adipure 11pro sl

The lightest modern K-leather boot goes to the adiPure 11Pro SL firm ground cleats. This cleat comes in at a mere 180 grams. For comparison’s sake, the F50 adiZero is 164 grams and the Mercurial Vapor IX is 187 grams. So for a leather-made upper, this shoe contradicts the notion that a leather cleat cannot be designed for weight. Since this boot came out in 2008, adidas has continually improved the technology and has now created one of the best leather boots on the market. Adidas is known for the Predator and F50 adiZero but this shoe is quickly coming up on both of their tails. I believe within a matter of years the adiPure 11Pro will surpass the Predator because it seems the Predator has seen pretty stagnant improvement over the past couple years.

Once you see the box that these shoes come in you know they are the real deal and, trust me, things only get better once it’s opened. Their shoes come with a lot of accessories besides the cleats. You get an extra pair of soles (which I’ll explain later) and an adidas shoe knap-sack. The knap-sack is made of a mesh-like material which will allow your shoes to air out while they are in the bag. However, it doesn’t seem too sturdy so I wouldn’t put much else in there besides your cleats. The colorway on these cleats is nothing that will jump out at you, so if you like to keep it pretty mellow with your shoes then these are for you. The black leather abruptly turns into a neon green synthetic heel and bottom. Bottom line, nothing too revolutionary with the color design.

the 11pro sl

11pro sl outsole

The color design is perhaps the only thing on this shoe that is not eye-catching. The other features that you cannot see may not “catch your eye” per se, but you will understand what I’m talking about once you get these shoes in your hands. These shoes come with two different soles that each have a specific purpose. The green sole that is originally inside the cleats is more for comfort and the black one is the light weight version more for speed and agility. Both of these soles allow compatibility with adidas miCoach®. This feature allows you to track pretty much any attribute throughout the course of a match or training session.

soles and laces for 11pro sl

The K-Leather on these shoes provides great comfort and will allow you to break these puppies in, in no time! If you held these boots you would never think they were made of leather. As well, the adidas SPRINTFRAME™ heel is light weight while maintaining the stability needed. The stud configuration on these is evenly distributed which will provide the most comfort during a match. Basically, if the number one thing you are looking for in a soccer cleat is comfort, then these are the shoes for you. The lightweight feature just comes as a bonus!

sprintframe of 11pro sl


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