adidas Battle Pack

In stark black and white, adidas have released the Battle Pack to fight for boot supremacy at this summer’s World Cup. All five silos (adiZero F50, Nitrocharge, Predator, 11Pro, and the adiZero F50 Messi) see new paint jobs that accurately convey the message adidas is sending: Hunt or be hunted. Fear or be feared. Evolve or die.

adidas Battle Pack players

It’s an intense marketing campaign from the Three Stripes that plays off war mentality and animalistic impulse. In this case, the warriors are adidas athletes such as Messi, Mesut Ozil, Dani Alves, Luis Suarez, and others. To promote the pack, they are shown fiercely snarling with the Battle Pack patterns lit on their faces. On the heels of Nike’s Magista release and Superfly unveiling, adidas have come out swinging with this pack to show they are ready to engage. With the black and white, Us v. Them, no-compromise-here aesthetic, it’s essentially footwear that plays well off their “all in or nothing” tagline.

In development since April 2012, adidas have not just updated the color and look, but some of the tech specs as well. The most attention was given to improving the Predator, referred to in the Battle Pack as the Predator Instinct. At a $220 retail price point, there is new focus on the outsole with their control frame technology. The Predator is also the only boot in the pack with a white on black paint job, instead of black on white. A subtle difference, to be sure, but it helps the Predator (which has been given an update every World Cup since 1994) stand out with a darker look. The Predator Instinct will be on the feet of Ozil, Fernando Torres, Oscar, and Graham Zusi.

Battle Pack predator

Predator Instinct

Also at $220 retail, is the adiZero F50 Messi. Lionel’s signature boot, the adiZero stays light and fast at just 5.3 ounces. Setting it apart from the rest of the Battle Pack is a blue stripe on the top, which recognizes Messi’s home country Argentina. Of course, the regular adiZero F50 is going to look similar, just without the blue pattern. This will be worn by stars like Suarez, Arjen Robben, and Jozy Altidore.

Battle Pack F50 Messi

adiZero F50 Messi

F50 Battle Pack

adiZero F50

With its trademark Energysling and Energypulse, the Nitrocharge is back too. Small, black triangles adorn the upper of this $200 retail cleat. You will see Alves, Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi, and Spaniard Javi Martinez sporting this boot. Lastly, there is the adiPure 11Pro, coming in at $165 retail. Blessed with a newly designed outsole that has conical studs and a comfort frame for better pressure distribution, the 11Pro gets a wavy animal print pattern on its upper. That upper also has been updated with a memory foam embedded into its quilted Taurus leather for even more comfort than it already provided. 11Pro supporters will be German Philip Lahm, Chelsea man Frank Lampard, and others.

Nitrocharge Battle Pack


11Pro Battle Pack

adiPure 11Pro

Only time will tell how successful the Battle Pack will be for adidas. You can be assured, though, that we will be seeing plenty of it in the coming months, as this is their main World Cup aesthetic. In fact, the gold three stripes on each silo are meant to invoke the FIFA World Cup trophy. With Nike gambling on new (and obviously unfamiliar) technology, will adidas be able to keep up during the sport’s biggest month this summer? The Battle Pack has certainly made its case.

What are your thoughts on the Battle Pack? Will its black and white stand out in a positive way from the bright colors of Nike’s best? Let us know. 


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