adidas UCL Final Official Match Ball

UEFA’s Champions League is regarded as one of the highest club competitions in the world. A league so coveted, that players will leave their club if they didn’t qualify and join another club that has. The 2014-15 Champions League Final will feature FC Barcelona vs Juventus on June 6th.

In 2000, adidas used a star/irregular hexagon pattern on their first Champions League match ball. The original Finale design was a white ball with silver stars. Over the years, adidas has added greater detail to every Finale match ball.

The 2014-15 adidas Finale Official Match Ball was designed to resemble the city in where the final will be held: Berlin, Germany. The colors on the new Finale Berlin match ball pop out to the eyes. Vibrant greens, blues, purples, and reds represent the dynamic and youthful growth in Berlin. Being the capital of Germany, the ball also features the famous Brandenburg Gate and a bear that is featured on the cities’ coat of arms and flag.

Closeup of Champions League Final match ball

The ball itself is a work of art as well. This is one of the most well balanced match balls you could imagine. It is similar in build to the 2014 World Cup Brazuca match ball, outside of the Finale’s star paneling. The match ball includes thermal bonding and a raised diamond texture on the durable TPU panels. It includes a top-of-the-line latex bladder that keeps the ball consistently weighted. The seamless, textured paneling and the high quality of the latex bladder fuse together a ball that is extremely predictable and a joy to play with.

The adidas Berlin Finale is a lightweight ball. I would recommend you to keep it inflated around 13 PSI. Higher end match balls can hold higher amounts of air pressure, but be careful that you do not over inflate the match ball. If you do not own a pressure gauge, air the ball until both thumbs slightly bulge the paneling.

Champions League Final Match ball

You should definitely give the adidas Berlin Finale match ball a try. Adidas has been making incredible match balls for decades and the Berlin Finale is no different. I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it; you’ll never want to play with an inferior match ball again. Top tier match balls make the game more consistent and enjoyable.


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