Adidas has wasted no time in releasing another color for their brand new ACE 16 lineup. That’s right, the all-new ACE is already receiving a reverse colorway of what we saw in the launch colorway. Personally, I think this release looks better than the first one we saw just last week. I have a feeling if some of you were not into the Solar Green, this one may be the one for you.

black ACE 16 Purecontrol

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The entire silo of ACE cleats gets the update, which includes the famous PureControl. The PureControl is all black apart from the Solar Green adidas stripes and Shock Pink tabs and stud tips. I love the combination of a black base with some bright accent colors in this case from the Solar Green. The laceless PureControl has been the intrigue of many boot fans around the world. Adidas created the first knitted boot that has no laces to ultimately create the perfect area to control the ball. The boot features an inner sockliner that wraps your foot tightly so that you are not just sliding around inside your cleats for 90 minutes. The new stud pattern has reduced the number of studs that were found on the original ACE 15, but will still get the job done.

ACE 16+ Primeknit - black

The ACE 16+ Primeknit has the same black base with the adidas stripes fading from Solar Green down to Shock Pink. The “sock” is black to go well with the standard black base. The Primeknit is softer than the PureControl and has laces! I know that’s not a big deal but it kind of feels like it, right? Featuring the same stud configuration, you can expect the same type of traction on all of the top end adidas boots. Many players will prefer the laces and softer Primeknit to the laceless feel of the PureControl. Either way, many are excited to see the sock or PrimeCut come to the adidas lineup. The Primeknit lineup has been hugely popular since its introduction into the soccer world. This version of the Primeknit will be no different. Expect these to be a big hit.

adidas ACE 16.1 in black

The standard ACE 16.1 receives the same exact color update as the Primeknit 16+. The ACE has mostly the same technology as the first generation ACE 15.1 in which we reviewed last year. The new stud pattern has worked its way onto this boot as well. The ACE 16.1, of course, will be your cheapest option by a good bit.

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