adidas F50's Hybridtouch

If you are into adidas boots, chances are that you have heard of something called HybridTouch. The company tries to sell you on a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, but luckily we are here to help you interpret the language.

The first boots to ever incorporate HybridTouch were the Nitrocharge 1.0 and Predator LZ silos. The original idea behind the technology was to create a better, lighter, more durable shoe. Adidas figured that the best way to do that was by reengineering the material for which the boot is made. Boots had been made with leather, or K-leather. Adidas developed and created a hybrid synthetic leather, which they called, HybridTouch.

Nitrocharge Crazylight closeup

Hybridtouch on the Nitrocharge Crazylight

Hybridtouch on Predator

Hybridtouch on the Predator Instinct

The first thing to test would be the durability. We all know that water can severely damage leather, making it lose shape and break down quicker. HybridTouch helps reduce this by being 4 times more resistant to water. By doing this, the shoe is more likely to hold its shape, and perform better for a longer period of time.

Next is speed, or weight if you will. HybridTouch is created to be 40% lighter than natural leather. This will help players gain that extra step on their competition, which is vital when you are on the pitch. Adidas did not sacrifice every thing for the sake of speed though, still keeping that soft feel that will help you with a soft first touch to the ball.

HybridTouch is also adidas’ first step towards providing a boot that will perform the same in the rain as it does in the sunshine. They are not making the same claims as Nike with ACC, but certainly they have begun working on something.

Red F50 adiZero

Toe on Haters Pack adiZero

As we mentioned before, HybridTouch debuted with the Nitrocharge 1.0 and Predator LZ silos, but have now expanded to other boots as well. They have expanded the use of the technology to the F50 adiZero silo as well. Yes, the same F50 adiZero boot with the revolutionary three stripe adidas design on the heel. The same F50 adiZero boot that all of the top players playing in adidas boots are wearing. Yes, your Luis Suarezs and Gareth Bales. There are plenty of other top players around the globe who are going to be wearing boots that feature HybridTouch technology, so you know adidas has a good thing going with this.

Throw HybridTouch together with the already successful “There Will Be Haters” campaign, and adidas will be reaping the benefits of this for quite awhile. As we mentioned above, this is just the first step for adidas to creating a boot that will perform the same, rain or shine. Nike is also on the road, and may actually be ahead at this point. Puma doesn’t seem to have gotten the hint, or if they have, they have not let any of us in on it. Under Armour and everyone else are still lightyears behind the big 2, or 3. Overall, adidas has raised the ante a little bit, looking for competitors and fans to respond to their HybridTouch technology.


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