adidas Casillas ACE Zones gloves

The adidas Iker Casillas ACE Zones Pro goalkeeper gloves are top notch. If you decide to step between the pipes and don’t have a pair of these, good luck. Out of the bag you can tell the quality of the glove by the add-ons, with glove cleaning tools like a spray and cloth.

Once you peel off the protective wrapping from the inside of the glove, you’re ready to rock and roll. The first thing you’ll realize about the glove is the unique double strap with the control pro strap. The closure is intended to keep the best comfort and support possible. The first strap over will secure the glove on your wrist, while the second spot of the wrap is used to tighten to prevent it from sliding up on you. The downside is that if you don’t have the right size glove, this double wrapping will make you feel a limited mobility in your wrist. While that won’t affect your shot stopping, it can put a damper on your distribution.

palms of adidas ACE Zones Pro gloves

The brand new Evo Zone tech latex on the inside of the palm is the money maker though. If a ball is drilled at you or you need a last second snatch, the glove will glue itself to the ball. There were plenty of times that the ball was past me, but once I got hands to the ball, it was stuck.

adidas ACE Zones Pro gloves - Iker Casillas

The other unique design about the glove is the full latex backhand. The octagons are centered by a dot in the middle to allow an incredible punching surface. You’re not always able to get your hands on the ball, but if you have to go with a closed fist, you will definitely have plenty of help in your clearance. The raised rubber also protects your knuckles on the punch outs.

strap of adidas ACE Pro Zones GK gloves

The last piece of tech is the negative cut on the inside of the glove. This is accomplished by an engineered, in-hand pattern. The special negative cut with latex gussets ensures a seamless touch. That helps people with slender hands or keepers who like tight fitting gloves.

All in all, these gloves are top notch. If you are an advanced goalkeeper, regardless of your age, this is a glove for you. Buy yourself a pair today!

Iker Casillas ACE Zones pro gloves

*The jersey modeled above is Porto FC’s Home Jersey for 2015-16

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