World Cup Champion, G.O.A.T, icon. All words to describe Lionel Messi and his iconic journey through the beautiful game. In homage to the world champion adidas has launched the latest signature edition Messi X Speedportal celebrating the life and legacy of Lionel Messi.

Just 35 years ago, the player that would change the face of football forever was born. Lionel Messi has been on the pitch since he could walk and provided the world with some of the most unforgettable, heartbreaking, and game changing moments. In his nearly 20 year football career, Messi has lifted trophies across the globe and helped mold football into the game we know and love today.

In order to celebrate his 35 years on earth and the iconic number 10 he’s worn on the back of his jersey for the past 20 years, adidas has launched the L10NEL M35SI signature adidas X Speedportal boots.

Throughout the design of the boots are elements from previous iterations of his collection and offer a 10 year design history that has changed the way boots are crafted for the future. The Team Solar Orange base stands out, but not as much the unique designs that are spread throughout the upper of the boots.

With 10 years of design history, plus the technology of the modern game, these boots are certainly one-of-a-kind. Players looking to embody the look and feeling that the international football sensation has carried for years are certainly in for a treat.

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