Adidas have just launched their new boot silo, called the Nitrocharge, at today’s Champions League semi-final in Munich. Sneaking a shot of the shoes in their sideline advertising Adidas have revealed a beautiful blue and green pair of soccer cleats built for power and engineered for performance. Featuring new Energysling and Energypulse technology, these shoes are sure to be the most advanced Adidas cleat on the market. The Energysling is a high elasticity rubber sling, seen in green across the forefoot, harnesses your foots kinetic energy for enhanced shooting power while providing additional support for quick cutting and changes of direction. The same high elasticity material is also integrated into the bottom of these boots in the Energypulse zone that resembles a colorful squiggly line on the bottom of the forefoot. Its designed to provide premium energy return during the toe-off phase of a running or jumping motion. This allows the studs on these boots to release quickly from the ground and come up to meet your feet so you won’t end up running over your own toes.

The upper on these shoes is expected to be synthetic and designed with protection in mind. A lot has been made of the fact that lighter-weight boots may or may not offer as much protection as more padded models in recent years. A superstrong mesh layer runs around the rear of the shoe for a higher level of protection. The Hybridtouch upper is a newly developed material that is a hybrid of the softness of real leather and the water uptake of synthetics in one material. These shoes also feature pre-molded protection pads in toe and heel area to protect you in any tackle.

The soleplate on these soccer shoes is identical to the one you’d find on the F50 adiZero. The studs are triangular shaped, and will work best on firm natural ground, while the sole plate itself contains a slot to insert a miCoach. Its flexible, and offer decent durability with some strutural reinforcement around the sides and near the forefoot. This adds durability to these shoes, and when combined with the synthetic upper, means you shouldn’t have any problem getting a full season out of them. They also come with a 1 year warranty from Adidas, which is a nice guarantee, and weight in at 9 ounces.

So overall, these are strong pair of soccer cleats designed to protect a player who covers the entire field during the game, propelling his or her team to victory. They’re a bit on the heavy side for a pair of modern soccer cleats, but the power you can get behind the ball makes the extra weight worth while. Other than that, they look sharp, run $200, and you can pick your up soon at

4 / 5 stars     

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