Football boots have come a long way since the ‘90s, but these boots have served to inspire and change the idea of boot design forever. If you’re a lifelong football fan, you know that one of the most legendary and well-loved boots in history are the ‘94 Predators. To bring back the classic boots, adidas has released the Control Legacy boots, a total mix of new and old tech. 

Bringin’ Back the ‘90s

Football’s biggest fans are about to get the best of both worlds in the Control Legacy. All the best tech from the classic boots is making its resurgence to give these boots undeniable control and power. Starting off with probably the most important detail of these boots, the soft leather upper. Just like the ‘94 Predator, you’ll get a super soft and more natural feeling boot with the high quality leather that sits on the upper. Eliminating any boot stiffness, these boots take the design of the Predator Edge to a whole new level.

Power and control are now easier than ever in these classically designed boots. The Power Facet and Facet Frame of the Predator Edge actually come from the ‘94 Predators. Not sure what this tech does? Working to redistribute your weight to the front of the boots, you’ll get more power and precision with every single strike. The Facet Frame works to keep your feet stable while you’re redistributing your weight and becoming more powerful than ever. 

If you’re looking to clean up your touch and be more precise, you’ll be more than impressed with the latest boots from adidas. The Predator Edge’s Zone Skin upper has a storied history in the world of football. The infamous Predator of the ‘90s featured rubber ridges on the upper meant to give your foot a more cushioned and natural feeling on and off the ball. However, these boots take that tech and make it more modern and subtle to ensure that you can control the pitch with every step. Strategically placed control zones are found throughout the entire upper and make sure the most high contact parts of the boots are ready for action. 


While the tech of these boots has some old school (but still very high quality) tech, the boots feature a similar color way as the legendary boots. The slanted three stripes make their triumphant return and ensure that everyone knows you mean business when you hit the pitch. The original Black/Red/White colorway is also back which provides that subtle yet still super powerful look to an already legendary pair of boots. 

What’s New?

While the design of the new Control Legacy boots takes several pieces of classic tech, adidas has ensured these boots are up to the test of the modern game. One key improvement is the laceless design of these boots. Primeknit works on the upper to keep your foot locked into the boots so you can rock the laceless boot design of the future. 

The sole of these boots is also updated to meet the match of the modern game. Featuring a totally redesigned stud configuration than the boots of the past, digging in and taking off is more stable and speedy. Rather than conical studs, the studs work with a more finely tuned pattern to ensure that you have all the stability you need to be ready for action this season. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the most legendary boots with the most classic and updated design, these boots are certainly for you. Designed to give you more speed, power, and precision than ever before, you’ll surely leave your legacy wherever you go. 

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