adidas Messi 16 Space Dust

The best player in the world deserves the best cleats in the world and adidas believe they have created Messi the best cleats in the galaxy. The adidas Messi 16 Space Dust is a combination of Dark Grey, Solar Green, and Metallic Silver to create an out-of-this-world colorway. The colorway’s name takes inspiration from Messi’s “alien-like” talent at how sometimes his skill on the ball comes across as almost non-human. Messi’s new cleats now match his play style and opponents will see exactly what that means.

The upper is created from the same upper that is found on the PureAgility boots with the synthetic upper called AgilityKnit. The soft knit upper allows players to experience little to no break in time. The monotongue construction and snug fit help create no way of turf or grass to get into your shoes and bother you while playing.

Moving down to the outsole, we see a modified SprintFrame that adidas have created for both FG and AG playing surfaces. The outsole was developed with the help of the man himself Leo Messi as he wears the Messi 16.1 instead of the PureAgility. If the man himself prefers the “lower tier” cleat, then that is good enough for me to see that it is a high quality cleat with a lot to offer. This cleat will give a more traditional feel compared to the PureAgility, but will still offer all of the tech and flashy features you want in a new speed boot.

Many will ask what is the difference between the PureAgility and the Messi 16.1? The exposed laces without a lace cover and the Purecut sock collar is really about it. The same upper and same soleplate for a slashed price and Messi himself prefers the Messi 16.1 over the PureAgility. Overall, you can get the same material and performance for a cut price. What’s there not to love about the Messi 16.1?


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