adidas MLS Nativo Match ball

Adidas has released a new match ball for each season of Major League Soccer since 2012. One of the slight misconceptions is that each year they release a new ball concept. This year’s adidas MLS Nativo match ball includes a fantastic redesigned element, but is an altered version of 2014 Brazuca World Cup match ball.

The graphic design of the Nativo is one of the best I have seen for this league. It is also very distinct and resembles the identity of the league. There are two major figure eight elements on the white ball. The figure eight transitions from blue on one side, representing the United States; to red on the other side, representing Canada.

One of the most overlooked design elements on the Nativo that many people miss is the inclusion of a star and a maple leaf. They are inside their respective loops of the figure eight element. Both of these symbolic emblems are grey, which is difficult to spot in direct light or from a distance.

adidas MLS Nativo ball Closeup of MLS Nativo

My first experience with a top tier match ball was in 2002. Since that day I have always owned a ball of professional quality. There are plenty of balls out there that are good enough to play with, but there are also the best balls out there that give you consistency and ability to perform on the field better. Adidas is moving closer and closer to perfecting the design of a soccer ball. In 2012, I believed that they reached that mark with the Tango12, only to out do themselves with the Brazuca.

What does make this ball better, you ask? If there is one thing that soccer players desire more from the game than goals, it’s consistency. Consistency from the field of play, the referees, teammates and of course, you’re going to want to have consistency with the ball you use. It may be in a higher price range than others, but I assure you that you won’t want to go back.

The Nativo is a well-balanced ball. The weight of the ball is centric to its core and is not dominated by the heavy unresponsive cover of a lower tier ball. The soft polyurethane leather cover gives a responsive feel when you strike the ball and performs indifferent of both cold or wet conditions. The latex bladder inside the ball holds air better than most balls I have seen, even after hours of match play and hundreds of touches.

MLS official match ball

I would highly suggest getting a top tier match ball for yourself. The Nativo is a fantastic ball that is sensitive and highly responsive. When I play with a good ball, I know that it is going to go where I want it to go and play how I see the game.

The Nativo retails at $160, but can get you this ball for a lower price of $143.99 + free shipping.


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