Nitrocharge 1.0


The comfort of the Nitrocharge 1.0 is what makes it a great option when selecting your next pair of boots.  The Energysling that runs across the bottom two sets of laces gives a snug and secure fit when you pull the laces tight. There are many differences from the standard Nitrocharge 1.0 compared to the Battle Pack version. The standard Nitrocharge offered unrivaled protection to a player’s foot in adding extra padding to the heel area especially. You will not find any of that extra padding on the new Battle Pack Nitrocharge 1.0. The feel of the Hybrid Touch synthetic is an extremely nice synthetic that is on many other adidas boots.

outsole of Nitrocharge

The fit and comfort did not change much even after several weeks of testing, and it does not noticeably change even though the Battle Pack version does not have the extra padding. The boot felt a little bit lighter without the padding but not enough that would cause it to be called a lightweight boot. The reason that the padding is gone is only to put the Battle Pack design consistently on the upper without any interruptions. Overall, I was very impressed with how the Nitrocharge 1.0 Battle Pack fit my foot and kept it secure and locked in.

Overall Comfort: 9.5/10


Nitrocharge Battle Pack grass

The Nitrocharge 1.0 in the Battle Pack edition is almost a completely new boot because the padding from the standard Nitrocharge. The performance of the Battle Pack is still great in my opinion. The Hybrid Touch synthetic feels great and offers a lightweight yet protective feel. The lacing is off centered and offers a nice strike zone. The feel while striking is good but not great due to the Energysling sometimes gets in the way of the striking.

The boot does make up for it in the control of the ball. Having no distractions except for the Energysling truly give a nice clean feel for the ball, which I personally enjoy. The fit is truly something that made this boot stand out to me and is something I love in a soccer boot. Although, the extra padding and protection is not on the Battle Pack version, I still believe the Battle Pack version is very unique boot and one that I believe is worth it in the end.

Overall Performance: 8.0/10

Bang For Your Buck

The starting price for the adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 in the Battle Pack edition is $200 dollars. The price tag is high but I believe the boot is completely worth it. The fit and feel of the Nitrocharge makes it a boot worth such a high price tag. The material is strong and offers an extremely comfortable and tight fit and honestly very light at the same time and does not tear even after playing in many different types of conditions. The Battle Pack edition makes it a unique release, something that is memorable since the Battle Pack was released for the 2014 World Cup.

Overall Bang for your Buck: 8.0/10


Closeup on Nitrocharge

The look of the new Nitrocharge 1.0 Battle Pack is very unique. Personally, I love the new look of the Battle Pack designs. The boot is a white base with black arrows. In the black arrows, you will find a bubble looking design in all of the black arrows. The Adidas stripes are a two tint Neon Orange color and on the top of the tongue you will find the darker tint of Orange. The look of the boot is something you will either love or hate, and personally I love it.

Overall Aesthetic: 9.0/10

Players Wearing It

The cover boy for the Nitrocharge 1.0 is Dani Alves and he has been proving that the boot is a durable and solid choice. The name for the player adidas designed the Nitrocharge for is named “The Engine”. I believe Dani Alves truly gives that Engine title a good name with how he plays the beautiful game. Ivica Oli? of the Croatian National Team is another player that has become one of the main Nitrocharge players. Other notable players who are and have been wearing the Nitrocharge 1.0 at the World Cup: Javi Martínez and Koke of Spain, Manuel Neuer of Germany, João Moutinho of Portugal, and Daniele De Rossi of Italy.



My personal overall take on the shoe was 8.0/10. The Battle Pack was something that I had wanted to try out since the release and after being able to play in the Nitrocharge 1.0 Battle Pack version, I have to say, I’m impressed.  I love the look of the Battle Pack and the Nitrocharge is a good boot to try out if you had been skeptical of the Nitrocharge. The size and fit was incredible. I wear a size 12 US and the boot ran true to size and fit me well all over of my foot.

4 / 5 stars     

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