adidas Primeknit Boost

Sometimes football fans get so enamored when watching outdoor matches, and sometimes forget about the indoor or street game. Adidas decided to make the indoor game a significant aspect of their recent Primeknit release. Thus, they created the adidas Primeknit Boost 2.0. These shoes are an awesome addition to the adidas line, and sure to make a lot of boot enthusiasts giddy with joy.

This is the first shoe to combine the Primeknit fit with Boost technology.

Boost Primeknit 2.0

Primeknit has made an appearance on other shoes, so there is a certain familiarity that you may have with these new shoes. Primeknit is carefully designed and engineered to create a precision fit that will keep your foot locked in place. It is also flexible enough to allow optimal movement and explosive motion.

Read about the birth of adidas Boost

Boost is a cushioning technology that has been incorporated into many adidas shoes. Adidas has really pushed the energy return that their cushioning technology provides the wearer an enhanced experience when wearing their shoes.

As for the Primeknit Boost, there is plenty to look at.

Primeknit Boost 2.0

The main color for these shoes is Solar Yellow, as it covers a lot of the upper. Near the sole of the shoe, there are white and navy lines, with the word “Boost” in Solar Yellow in the middle of the navy line. The traditional three stripe design from adidas is in its usual position, with navy being its color. The tongue of the shoe is purple, and is super flexible. The heel of the shoe is also very conforming, allowing you to move freely about while wearing the shoe and providing ankle support at the same time.

This shoe is the first of its kind for the indoor and street game. Adidas has proven that they will continue to pursue excellence in all arenas of football, and these shoes are just one of the great examples of that. Here is to more revolutionary products from adidas in the future.


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