adidas Primeknit 2.0 cleat

After months of intrigue, adidas has unveiled their latest creation, the Primeknit 2.0. No stranger to hyperbole, they are calling it “the best fitting football boot in the world”. Or is it even hyperbole? The technology adidas have cooked up in the R&D lab over the past few years is no joke. But before we get to that, let’s run through a little background on the Primeknit.

You may recall early in 2014 when adidas released the Samba Primeknit. They got it out before Nike so that they could have “the world’s first knitted football boot”, even if the Samba was severely limited in number compared to the Swoosh’s Magista. After Nike’s knitted creations (namely the Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly) have become the standard-bearer in soccer knit footwear, adidas have now struck back.

Luis Suarez Liverpool adidas Primeknit edited

Samba Primeknit on Suarez

adidas Primeknit FS

Primeknit FS

The Samba release over a year ago actually isn’t the only inspiration for the Primeknit 2.0. Adidas’ Primeknit FS (Footy Sock) was a concept boot introduced shortly after the Samba. With an almost laughably tall collar, it dwarfed Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar — although probably not in a good way. The crazy unique design was never meant to go full retail, but it did give the Three Stripes construction insights for this release.

Enough background. What’s so special about the Primeknit 2.0?

Overhead of Primeknit cleats

Well, this being a knitted upper, adidas had to make it lightweight while still providing protection against bad weather and violent defending. On the forefoot, the knit construction is built with 3D texture to assist your ball control. The outer shell of the Primeknit is made of a lightweight vacuum coated skin that protects the knit features underneath, but also keeps that soft surface for striking the ball.

While Nike’s knitted boots are tongue-less, adidas have gone the other way by devoting more attention to it. The compression tongue on the Primeknit includes Lycra (known as “Spandex” in North America) yarns that wrap around the midfoot to give you that lockdown sensation.

adidas Primeknit 2.0

Probably the most unique aspect of this boot’s appearance is that odd-looking tall heel. That is the anatomical heel design, which adidas have made to follow the natural shape of the back of your foot for optimum support. It remains to be seen if a heel raised that high will actually provide more comfort and support, but credit the Three Stripes for trying something out-of-the-box.

Outsole of adidas Primeknit

For the bottom, adidas have slapped on the F50’s excellent outsole with Speed Stud Configuration — which basically means there is a second level of traction on the forefoot. Because of the transparent neon green color, it’s tough to see but if you have worn the updated F50, you know it has wonderful grip.

Like the recent adizero 99g, this launch is a part of adidas’ “Limited Collection” range, although 10,000 Primeknit pairs will be circulated globally. Grab them now on (ships 4/22), and check them out on Luis Suarez’s feet tomorrow during Champions League quarterfinal action.


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