In an attempt to associate its new Samba collection with Brazil’s diverse and vibrant culture, Adidas has released a new, almost seizure-inducing video.  It features some of the world’s best (and Adidas-sponsored) players (Leo Messi, Fernando Torres, Mesut Özil, Oscar, etc.) on the practice field sporting their new Samba cleats. Interspersed throughout are shots of Brazilian life, with food and dance being two of the main themes. In every shot, we are almost blinded by the bright neon graphics. Set to the song “BOTA” by Buraka Som Sistema featuring Karol Conka, it’s a quick-cutting, ADD-driven video meant to grab your attention and drench you in the atmosphere of Brazil. Even if some may see the video as obnoxious, it mostly succeeds at linking its shoes with the culture of Brazil.

We will continue to follow Adidas’ colorful marketing rollout for the Samba collection. But right now, go ahead and check out Adidas’ Interactive Samba Selector to get an idea of which Samba cleat is your favorite. Also, Özil has announced he will be wearing his pink Predator Sambas on Sunday vs. Manchester United. So keep an eye out for those during the game tomorrow.


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