adidas makes a splash with the Uniforia Pack

With soccer slowly returning to the world, adidas has had a stroke of genius… well a brush-stroke of genius, with the unveiling of the Uniforia pack. All the color ways of this pack are on a white base which is a classic color tailored for the would-be Euro tournament this year. As classy as a white cleat is, the Uniforia pack upgrades it with a spectacular splash of paint on each silo in the form of brushstrokes. The idea behind this pack is that the different bright splashes of color come together to represent the unity that soccer brings in the midst of diversity and the euphoria that we feel together while enjoying the beautiful game. adidas seemingly has its finger on the pulse of the world at the moment, recognizing the importance of togetherness even if it looks a little different at the moment. Along with the blend of bright colors, adidas brings a blend of bright personalities to represent each silo.

Predator 20+

When it comes to bright colors and bright personalities, Paul Pogba makes all the sense in the world to be the spokesperson for the Predator 20+. Just like this particular Red Devil, these cleats really stand out, and also like Pogba, they are made to torment the opposition and create dangerous plays out of nothing. This iteration of the Predator keeps the values of all its ancestors and can be summed up in one word, control. Complete with 406 menacing spikes, the Demonskin on a knitted construction gives you unmatched authority over the ball.

COPA 20+

The adidas COPA can usually be summed up in one word: smooth, and this version is no different. Just like the smooth guy himself, Paulo Dybala, the COPA 20+ delivers the touch you need to keep the game at your feet, and under your control. The COPA 20+ brings harmony to the soccer world by blending supple K-leather for exquisite touch with the tech innovation of Underneath all of this is an outsole that is meant to help you effortlessly glide across the surface of the pitch for the entirety of the game with ultra-soft TPU in the sole of the cleat.

X 19+

Since we are playing word association games, we can continue with the adidas X 19+. The name of the game is speed in the case of the X, and what better athlete to champion these cleats than Mo Salah? Mo is the unofficial King of Egypt and the official King of Speed with X’s on his feet. The uber-thin X-layskin upper has been stripped of all excess so that you can have a natural touch and unnatural speed. Complete with Clawcollar for a locked down fit, and responsive Speedframe outsole, every millimeter of this silo is crafted for speed.

Nemeziz 19+

The last cleat in the Uniforia pack is the Nemeziz 19+ sponsored by the GOAT himself, Mr. Lionel Messi. Listen, Messi is lightning quick and doesn’t need any help in that category, but adidas apparently does not feel the same way because these cleats are created to give their wearer striking agility at every angle. The Tension Tape upper is wildly thin and responds to your foot in a way previously unseen. This, coupled with a Torsion System insole board and split outsole are made to react rapidly to movement for out of this world responsiveness.