white adidas Gloro 16.1

While the main focus for adidas might be their big toys from the revolution, there are a few boots that can sometimes be overlooked. Despite the flash and show of the X and ACE, adidas still has the Copa and Gloro firing on all cylinders in the background. With the Copa probably going to continue its existence without ever snagging an update, the Gloro looks like it is going to be snagging yearly updates. That means that we get to experience the brand new Gloro 16.1.

The crazy thing about the new Gloro is that it looks like a completely different boot, but all of the greatness that helped make up the original is still inherent in the 16.1. The tongue is gone, the old-school stitching on the forefoot is totally changed, and the colors on the 16.1 show that the classic colors for the original Gloro have also bit the dust. However, the K-leather that made every Gloro wearer a massive fan covers this boot to maintain the incredible touch on the ball that we enjoyed from the original, a modern/lightweight outsole crafted with an old-school configuration of conical studs adorns the sole, and the synthetic liner that completes the package are all winning formulas from the first Gloro that adidas chose to carry over to the 16.1.

adidas Gloro 16.1 white and black

adidas Gloro outsole

The Gloro, with the new version or the old, is always going to be a tough boot to convince players to give a proper chance. Without any major press or player uptake, the only time we will probably see the Gloro 16.1 on a pro’s feet is if Jordon finds us a pair or two in a Boot spotting. The crazy thing is, even without truly testing the 16.1, it will be one of the best options for its price point from the day it enters that market until the day the 17.1 graces our presence. The original was one of the most underrated boots we’ve seen, and the newest version will probably be the same way.

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black adidas Gloro 16.1

If you are tired of crazy synthetics, crazy colorways, and just generally tired of boots skimping on quality for the sake of being flashy, the newest Gloro 16.1 will definitely be perfect for you. I can’t wait to continue to see the rivalry that these boots have bred with the Nike Premier, and we can’t wait to put these in for a proper review. The oddest idea of the Gloro is that, while time and competing boots have been unable to ever kill off the oldest adidas boot, it seems like the most likely boot with a possibility of ever putting a nail into the Copa. Do you think that the Gloro could ever replace the longest lasting boot under the adidas umbrella? Either way, this boot is certainly worth your time.

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