Solar Yellow adidas X15.1 Boost Indoor

Adidas is ripping up the traditional boot game with the introduction of the X (or Chaos) series.  The adidas X 15.1 BOOST indoor shoe is one that will catch the eye of any opponent as soon as you step on to the field.

At first glance, the bold and bright color of the boot will immediately turn heads.  The colorway is described as Solar Yellow, Frozen Yellow, and Black.  That Solar Yellow outside is coupled with what sets the Boost boot apart from a visual aspect, the melted three stripes.  This may be adidas’ clever way of letting you imagine burning your opponent with your sweet skills, but it definitely adds another level of awe.

Right away you will notice the X-SKIN ultra light upper material.  It looks like little tread marks across your entire foot, which is designed to give you top control.  As soon as you slip these on, you will notice that the ball stays glued to the upper no matter which way you turn.

Above the adidas X15 Boost

The cage is designed to give you midfoot stability.  Adidas has captured this ability in the Boost by using the X-CAGE, which has thin, reinforced layers.  The extra stability is apparent with every cut and turn.  As soon as you plant, your foot is instantly allowed to explode without sliding around.

As you go to slip the boot on, you will notice the Techfit collar on the upper.  Unlike other popular boots (*cough cough Nike*), you will barely notice this collar.  It rides just under your ankle and does not inhibit your ability to slip these shoes on.  The collar still offers flexible support, but it is designed to be a seamless, sock-like fit.  If you’ve ever worn a shoe that has a collar, you’ll know how difficult it is to put them on.  You will not experience that with the Boost indoors.

adidas X15 Boost outsole

While all of that tech is impressive, the focus of the boot should be on the midsole.  While there are chaotic patterns and bright colors, at the bottom there is a simple white layer at the bottom.  It looks and feels like a hard foam, which is the basic principal of what they are after.  The Boost midsole is labeled as energy-returning, meaning that it will reciprocate the energy in your plant and transfer it in to your explosion.

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The thing I was most excited about testing out was the unique configuration on the bottom.  The criss-cross pattern allows to see the bottom of the Boost midsole, which will instantly become black as soon as you start playing.  The studs are small enough to not be an issue when playing on a court surface, but enough to allow you to play on turf and still be fine.  I had some trouble gripping the ball with the toe (on a Maradona or a pull back) if I was reaching for it.  If you grip it with the middle of the foot, where the studs are, you’ll be fine. The toe though has no studs, and needs a bit more force to grip a moving ball.

All in all this is a good boot.  The X-SKIN will give you incredible control, and any movement with the inside or outside of your foot will stick to the ball. The boot was designed for the player who will cause chaos on the field.  If that is your style of play, this boot is perfect for you!


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