Adidas is a brand that is no stranger to releasing awesome limited availability boots with some crazy colorways and designs in the last few years. Adidas have released their first limited edition for the ACE and X with the brand new Eskolaite pack.

The upper is a shiny chrome color that will stand out no matter when or where you play. Solar Green makes up the rest of the shoe with a vibrant techfit collar and soleplate to make this already striking boot pop even more. The tech specs remain the same with the standard X so if you pick up the chromed out X 15 you will be getting the same ride you get with a standard color, much like Nike did with Neymar’s special colorways on his Hypervenoms.

The X-CAGE is featured to give you a nice locked in sensation while playing to give no worries about slipping around in the boot. The techfit collar is designed to give a sock like feel to the boot by wrapping tightly around your ankles. The slightly padded X-SKIN synthetic upper has a thicker feel than something like the F50 but it adds more comfort to the boot so it’s a nice little trade off. NSG, or Non-Stop Grip, dots are found all over the X-SKIN to help grip in every type of playing conditions.

adidas X 15.1 Eskolaite Pack

The soleplate is the much talked about X-CLAW plate that is suitable for both FG and AG fields. Featuring a mix of FG studs in what looks like an old F50 stud pattern, the X 15.1 adds tinier AG studs to help improve grip on those harder AG surfaces. An internal heel counter is featured to give you a little more protection in the back from harder tackles from defenders. A cool perk of this pack is that it you also receive a sweet string back featuring silver and Solar Green as well as a drawer style box in which I personally think are some of the coolest boxes to receive.

A common misconception with the X 15.1 is that it is the next generation and a direct replacement of the F50 adizero. The X is a whole different animal and I am a fan of the adidas revolution boot. If you want to know how the X performed for us, check out our full written review and see if the X is the next boot for you.


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