Under Armour nabs Memphis Depay

Under Armour mean business. On Friday it was announced that they had signed Dutch international and PSV winger Memphis Depay to their ever-growing soccer lineup. The likes of Jermaine Jones and Depay will headline the brand’s soccer products. Depay is a huge get for Under Armour. At only 21-years-old, he starred in the 2014 World Cup and even became the youngest Dutch player to score in the competition. So far this season, he has found the back of net 21 times with 15 coming in the Eredivisie, where PSV rest atop the table by a commanding 11 points.

He has since become a sought-after name in the last few transfer windows; even to Tottenham, coincidence? Maybe, but the new deal with Under Armour will surely help the rumors. Recent reports also suggest he could be moving on from PSV this summer, possibly over to Manchester, England where his old national team coach Louis van Gaal manages the Red Devils.

If you’re interested in getting to know Memphis a little more (Dutch league games aren’t on TV too often), check out this adidas video from last year.

Coming from a childhood where he spent almost all of his time at the pitch or headed to it, Depay knew he had to be tough to make it. His toughness and strength translate onto the soccer field. Playing with strength and pace, he has developed into one of the brightest young stars in the world. Depay is known for having many tattoos and the one he says means the most to him is “Dream Chaser” which is tattooed across his chest. Memphis is known as a straight shooter. He is not known for holding back any feelings and often tells people how it is. He was a very angry child and he had problems with trusting people. So his mother found him a life coach to help Memphis grow. He still says to this day that trust is an issue. He says his life coach Joost, helped him become the man he is today and helping him excel in soccer. His friends and coaches call him a true winner. Everything he does in life has a purpose for him to reach his goals. He credits his family as the biggest influence on his life and says his grandfather was his biggest supporter. After he passed away, Depay had his words tattooed on his right forearm to forever remember them. Since then, Depay has not stopped working towards the top. He wants to be the best.

“If you want to reach something in life, you have to believe in it and go for it 100 percent. Otherwise, you shouldn’t do it.” – Memphis Depay

This past weekend started the partnership between Under Armour and Depay and he was seen in a black pair of new boots. The cleats look like they could be an unreleased boot that Depay will headline.

This is a bold move for the brand and a potential headlining athlete as he continues to grow into a star. I personally think this move will make Under Armour a more respectable brand in Europe and could push Depay into stardom.

What do you think about the big signing for UA?