Marketing for black/white Predator Instinct

Blackout Predator Instinct

On Paul McCartney’s 1982 album Tug of War, Stevie Wonder featured on a song called “Ebony and Ivory“. The mostly cheesy track was about the coexistence of black and white keys on a piano, but, fairly obviously, it was a metaphor for racial integration and harmony. With their latest Predator Instinct release, adidas have taken a page out of Paul and Stevie’s book.

Soleplate of whiteout Predator Instinct

Predator Instinct soleplateOn the heels of the Solar Red launch color, adidas have stripped their Predator Instinct down to the bare essentials with both a blackout and a whiteout boot. Nike just dropped their latest Black Pack, and adidas have now responded by upping the ante with a sharp white Predator to complement their own blackout option.

They both feature a subtle, glossy Battle Pack-esque design on the Hybridtouch upper, as well as transparent rubber lethal zones that have always been the Predator’s signature. On the blackout version, these almost look light blue in bright light, but not enough to distract from the dark aesthetic. Instead of a dull blackout shoe, it’s a dynamic, sleek, and shiny update on the Instinct that exudes class. On the bottom, the soleplate keeps the black theme going, with thin, diagonal lines stretching across from the middle section to the heel.

On the flip side, the ivory version is not as dazzling of a white hue as it could be. It has the same transparent lethal zones as the blackout, but the outsole differs by sporting egg-white studs on top of a see-through soleplate. Not that it looks poor (it’s hard to mess up a whiteout boot), but the white exterior on the Predator looks a bit more tame and less stunning than the eye-catching blackout model.

Whiteout Predator Instinct

A smart release from adidas, to be sure, because it puts less importance on branding and more on classy, old-school style. You could say it’s a harmonious relationship between the meticulous, flashy modern boot technology of the Instinct and a no-frills, simple color design.

Which version do you prefer? Grab them at SoccerPro for $197.99. 


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